The Room of Requirement

A few months back, I blasted out the old school jingle for Scramball, which Thomas did not believe was a true song, much less an true item. Let me tell you friends, don’t give me an opportunity to prove you wrong, cause I will, with love of course :0). A quick Google search did not provide enough materials to be sufficient, so I promised to make it obviously apparent, unequivocally noted, that I was right; Scramball does/did exist, even if Thomas, my Sister-in-Law, and my Brother-in-Law had never heard of it or had the exhilarating experience of playing it. The best way towards proof? Conjure up said Scramball.

When I came home with it, Thomas had no other choice but to believe me–and my jingle.  I present to you Scramball, complete with original instructions, circa 1990:

download-1After all, “Scramball is a hot new game; playing ball won’t be the same….” (and yes, I can sing all the words to this song; don’t tempt me)

Thomas shockingly said, “Where did you find it?” to which I immediately replied, “Mom’s of course!” With no hesitation, Thomas proclaimed, “I never should have doubted you. You are the best wife ever and I will never doubt again. Kiss me you beautiful woman!”

No, that’s not what he said at all…… but I am sure that was what he was thinking.

Instead, Thomas laughingly said, “Your Mom’s whole house is like one big Room of Requirement!” At this, we both erupted in laughter, for that is certainly true. For you Harry Potter fans, this needs no further explanation. If you’ve yet to experience the brilliance of J.K. Rowling, I’ll fill you in on the details.

See, The Room of Requirement is a place that Harry and others at Hogwarts can go and have their needs met. In one book, it is an open room for practicing spells. In another, it is a place containing a horcrux. And if you don’t know what a horcrux is, I know you don’t care, cause if you did, you would have read the books….or seen the movies….or be cool. Basically, it is a room that is “always equipped for the seeker’s needs.”

So, there you have it. I needed proof of a great game I played in childhood, of which I still remember every word to the jingle, in order to be right and not look crazy, and all I had to do was make a trip back to my Mom’s. Therefore, Mom’s House= The Room of Requirement.

I know, a single example is not enough to stifle your doubts. I will therefore present to you example B:

Recently we’ve had very unseasonably warm weather for the month of December. Our days have been short sleeves and windows open. Nights have been comfortable and barely crisp. Suddenly though, some warm rain came through and cooler air descended upon us. The boys were spending the day with my Mom when the weather was warm, but as the sun set and the rain left, the light attire was not enough and Wesley needed a jacket, although I had not sent him with one, due to all the earlier warmth.

And up comes another opportunity for The Room of Requirement. Mom trotted up the steps into her storage/attic space and reappeared with a coat for sweet Wesley.

download-3This is not any coat either. This is a 34 year old coat that belonged to my brother, Damien, when he was Wesley’s age. This coat is certainly vintage at its true best. Each day Wesley has worn it since, he gets compliments on it. Today, when the pictures above were taken, he got 4. Last week, when he wore it, I took a picture and put it on Instagram. He got a compliment there too from my friend Jen.


So here you have it again: Wesley needs a coat + Mom’s house provides= Room of Requirement

Warmth, compliments, pride for being right, and hours of fun playing Scramball with your kids, your neighbor’s kids, and your niece and nephew……..Sounds like a whole bunch of what I need!

Thanks mom for always saving everything! I will proudly thank you now and likely hate this fact later :o)

7 thoughts on “The Room of Requirement

  1. Haha. My parents are the exact same way! They saved every article of clothing and toy I ever had. Their attic is a nightmare of junk. … But I have gone up there and hunted down many of my favorite toys and given them to my kids. It’s awesome! … Now. I am dreading having to clean that out for them someday. :)

  2. Wesley looks like a little model in these pictures! His face in the picture where he is in the red shirt (the one on the left) cracks me up! Exactly a face that you would see in a magazine somewhere! And I love the jacket too! :-)

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