Angry Birds Birthday Party

I truly can’t believe that my first born turned 6 in November. But since I can’t change the fact he is getting older, I resolved to have fun celebrating the fact. We did just that, angry birds style!

I really wanted to play angry birds, live action, and I just knew Daniel would love it, so I started saving boxes. With so much Thirty-One coming to my door, those boxes piled up quickly and we were set.DSC_0181

The kids actually stacked and constructed their own structure, piling our two stuffed pigs wherever they liked. Next, they took the three balls that I painted and threw them at the structure with hopes of taking out a pig!

DSC_0173My brilliant sister-in-law even played the angry birds theme music on her phone while the kids demolished their structures. Perfect addition.


It was so much fun, us adults even took turns. When Thomas was creating, he wanted the pig at the top of his structure, which he couldn’t reach, and being tied with his dad as being the tallest person there, he opted to lift me up and make me responsible for getting the pig at the highest point.

DSC_0191 DSC_0192Right when us adults started to get tired and the kids started to get impatient for their turn to come again, the sun began to set and it began to get cold.


When I had initially scheduled the party, I had forgotten about daylight savings time occurring just a bit before the celebration date, so the sun was headed down faster than I anticipated, but it worked well for ushering the party inside for food and presents.

Decorations were mainly what the boys had colored from an angry birds coloring pad. I also made use of a Halloween pumpkin, stuffed birds, angry bird toys, a decorative poster, and other themed elements that we already had.  I did purchase the balloon pig and bird at a party store though, cause they just looked too great to pass up.

DSC_0169 DSC_0179 DSC_0180  DSC_0261 DSC_0221 DSC_0220 DSC_0217 DSC_0203 I had planned to do all cupcakes as birds or pigs bit those ended up being a big fail, so cupcakes ended up just being red with sprinkles. I figured out what the trick is though to making a red angry bird look like an angry bird…… is all in the eyes. They have to touch to make it look right. If you gap them apart, it looks funny. See evidence below for full confirmation:

DSC_0170 579222_10151102556431765_49405976_nHad I discovered this sooner, the cupcakes might have been fully adorned with bird features rather than just sprinkles. But Daniel liked them, bird faced or not, so I was content with that.DSC_0253Daniel got some great gifts, from Legos, to books, to crafts, to super hero gear. He even received a “real” light saber from us, hand picked by Thomas. Thomas took great care to get this gift, and I can honestly say I think it is the first gift he has ever bought for Daniel’s birthday. Generally I buy them, Thomas wraps them, and we put both our names on it. This time, Thomas bought and wrapped, and when he brought out the gift, I am not sure who was more excited, Thomas or Daniel, but with the odd shape, even wrapped it resembled a light saber. As Thomas entered the room with the present, Daniel yelled out, “I know what that is!!!” “You do?” replied Thomas. “Yes! It is an UMBRELLA!” DSC_0243 DSC_0246This gift outweighs an umbrella, if you ask me, but I find it quite cute that Daniel was content to be getting an umbrella!

DSC_0256Each child guest went home with angry bird items (Thank you Target dollar spot and clearance section!) and a homemade angry bird name tag (Thank you Thomas for your cutting abilities!).

Overall I think it was a blast, and Daniel was very excited. We talked about knocking down the pigs for days after. His friends and cousins all had fun too. What a great time celebrating our son. Happy Birthday Daniel!

DSC_0205 DSC_0209 IMG_4231 IMG_4232


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