“My Brain Say…..”

Wesley has a big habit of using this phrase, “My brain say.” For example, if he is scrounging around inside the pantry and you ask, “Wesley, what are you doing?,” He will reply with “My brain say I am hungry. I need to eat.” He will even state “My brain say I need to watch a movie.” Really cute and sorta savvy, for who can really argue with what his brain?

Sunday, Thomas and I were planning to attend a big event at church, which is a worship event for all ages. There is childcare, but we really wanted to offer to the kids the opportunity to go and experience the music and worship, without having to comprehend and sit still during the adult focused sermon that generally follows worship. Being that the whole service time would be music, we really thought Wesley would want to go, cause he sings EVERYTHING that he hears on the iPod or radio, even if he is truly not familiar with the words. He always gives it a shot, and it can truly do my heart good to hear him singing along. While in the car, I will often put the music in the speakers only in the back so he can hear it best and I am basically without music in the front. I will then savor his sweet little voice carrying a tune.

When given the option of concert or class, Daniel chose class. We expected that one. Wesley, however, chose the same. I suspected that he only said class because Daniel had said it, so Thomas and I followed up, making sure he was understanding his options.

Wesley confidently replied as follows: “I choose class. Cause in church the music is so, so loud and my brain forget the words I sing. And in class, I get goldfish. Momma, you not ever buy me goldfish at home, so my brain say class.”

There you have it. His brain said class…..and apparently his tummy had some influence too.

Turns out we had the date wrong and it is this next Sunday, so maybe we will ask again in a week and see what his “brain say” then :O)


The Kids Dressed Up Too….

I know I showed you what I wore for some Halloween parties and a 5 mile run (at which I won an award for my running and money for my costume!), but the kiddos also did some dressing up too! We had several events that we need to attend, and being that we have a dress-up tub at home, we put it to good use. Halloween night, Daniel was a zombie and Wesley was a ghost. Although I made Wesley basically look like a dead nun, everyone seemed to know what he was, unlike last year.

We’ve donated a bunch of candy for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and whittled it down to just a few good things to keep as treats. So far, we’ve been good at partitioning it out appropriately.

Hope you had fun dressing up and trick-or-treating too!