Costume Contest

Saturday we went to a community event where there was a costume contest. When I found out money was involved for the winners, I decided I wanted to dress up and give it a shot. Who would be unhappy with winning $100 cash? Certainly not me, and being that I needed a costume for the 5 mile race, I figured it was best to decide upon something to be for the event. Friday, the day before the event, I convinced my mom to go with me to a local crafting store to get the supplies. I needed her because I knew I would need two white boas for my costume, and being that the cheapest I could find were $7.99, I was definitely using a 40% off coupon for the item, but it was only one per purchase, so I needed her to buy one too. Savvy of me, right?

I also was able to grab a few other items I needed and combined them with the red gloves I had gotten the day before at the dollar spot for, yeah that’s right, a whole $1. Add in a white t-shirt from Thomas’s drawer and my trusty hot glue gun, and you have a fantastic Halloween costume in the making:

I cut the sleeves off Thomas’s shirt and reserved one for what would become my hat. I cut the excess off of a red glove and stuffed it with cotton, hot gluing it inside the sleeve from the shirt. It was still a little too floppy, so I added some popsicle sticks on each side for some extra stability. I began hot gluing feathers to the sleeve until it was covered. Next, the boas were hot glued onto the shirt. I keep the shirt on the chair to help me move more quickly with the process. I am not a patient person when it comes to crafts. Unfortunately, those two white boas did not cover as much as I wanted, so I needed another one, which still did not cover everything but I was not investing in more, so I improvised and just did flat feathers from my scapula up in the back of the costume. The white mask was donned with white feathers, and a yellow triangle was cut out of some random sponge like materials that we have for the kids when crafting.

When done with the hot gluing, I slipped on the orange tights (thank you 60% off Halloween sale!) and laced up my converse shoes, and I can honestly say I was impressed with myself. This outfit was fantastic.

I was ready to win.

Turns out, there were some other great costumes there—and I got second. And second place is the first loser, as they say. But at least this first loser went home with $50 cash! My friend Shelley got 3rd and received $25.

We both lost to the cow:

But we were high fiving anyway, cause we were in the top three, which meant we were getting money one way or another.

I was happy with 2nd and $50 but Thomas was a little bitter that I lost to the cow (also known as a neighbor of mine, Nancy). He had some objections to a store bought costume winning first and getting $100.

I’m still content—and I can’t wait to run my race in the costume (minus the mask–totally can’t make that happen for 5 miles). The winning costume there gets something too, but I am not sure exactly what.



One thought on “Costume Contest

  1. Your story-telling is so interesting. I started out just wanting to know if you won the $100.00, but I enjoyed your story so much, I read it all. Good job!

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