Costume Contest

Saturday we went to a community event where there was a costume contest. When I found out money was involved for the winners, I decided I wanted to dress up and give it a shot. Who would be unhappy with winning $100 cash? Certainly not me, and being that I needed a costume for the 5 mile race, I figured it was best to decide upon something to be for the event. Friday, the day before the event, I convinced my mom to go with me to a local crafting store to get the supplies. I needed her because I knew I would need two white boas for my costume, and being that the cheapest I could find were $7.99, I was definitely using a 40% off coupon for the item, but it was only one per purchase, so I needed her to buy one too. Savvy of me, right?

I also was able to grab a few other items I needed and combined them with the red gloves I had gotten the day before at the dollar spot for, yeah that’s right, a whole $1. Add in a white t-shirt from Thomas’s drawer and my trusty hot glue gun, and you have a fantastic Halloween costume in the making:

I cut the sleeves off Thomas’s shirt and reserved one for what would become my hat. I cut the excess off of a red glove and stuffed it with cotton, hot gluing it inside the sleeve from the shirt. It was still a little too floppy, so I added some popsicle sticks on each side for some extra stability. I began hot gluing feathers to the sleeve until it was covered. Next, the boas were hot glued onto the shirt. I keep the shirt on the chair to help me move more quickly with the process. I am not a patient person when it comes to crafts. Unfortunately, those two white boas did not cover as much as I wanted, so I needed another one, which still did not cover everything but I was not investing in more, so I improvised and just did flat feathers from my scapula up in the back of the costume. The white mask was donned with white feathers, and a yellow triangle was cut out of some random sponge like materials that we have for the kids when crafting.

When done with the hot gluing, I slipped on the orange tights (thank you 60% off Halloween sale!) and laced up my converse shoes, and I can honestly say I was impressed with myself. This outfit was fantastic.

I was ready to win.

Turns out, there were some other great costumes there—and I got second. And second place is the first loser, as they say. But at least this first loser went home with $50 cash! My friend Shelley got 3rd and received $25.

We both lost to the cow:

But we were high fiving anyway, cause we were in the top three, which meant we were getting money one way or another.

I was happy with 2nd and $50 but Thomas was a little bitter that I lost to the cow (also known as a neighbor of mine, Nancy). He had some objections to a store bought costume winning first and getting $100.

I’m still content—and I can’t wait to run my race in the costume (minus the mask–totally can’t make that happen for 5 miles). The winning costume there gets something too, but I am not sure exactly what.



Just as the Rising Sun

Today while taking Daniel to school, I noticed that the rising sun was gorgeous. This morning, the clouds were magnificent, creating a wall of white fluff that resembled delicious and ethereal mountains. Right in the middle of my view was the glowing sun, radiating crisp orange hues and soft yellow tones onto the surrounding landscape. I drove extra slow on the 2 minute commute in order to soak in more of the scene. I grabbed my phone in an attempt to capture the beauty, but no quick cell phone photo from the car could do the picturesque moment justice. I vowed that when back home, I would enjoy the ascension of the sun more, perhaps even grabbing the “real camera” to take a quality photo.

As I walked Daniel inside, I saw a neighbor on the way out from taking her son. “Shirley, I was going through Wesley’s fall clothes and came across a red jacket with ‘Luke’ written in the tag. It was one of the hand-me-downs you gave to Daniel when he was 3! Now Wesley is going to wear it!” Together we ruminated on how swiftly kids grow, how on earth she had a 19 year old, and that it was unbelievable I have a kid in kindergarten.
Back in the car, I was off towards home. With around 2 minutes of commuting back, I was ready to observe all that I could of the sun and clouds and morning dew. Glancing back towards the east, I noticed that in just a few minutes, the sun had done what it was made to do; it had risen just a little higher in the sky, completely altering the perfect imagery I had been privileged to view just moments before.¬† Gone were the amazing combinations of color, the soft puffs of white, and radiant rays of light. “Wow, that was fast” I thought to myself. “How fleeting.”

And, just as the rising of the sun, so is everything in life: fleeting. The transient nature of things is why we should savor the precious times, for soon I too will be questioning, like Shirley, how on earth I have a 19 year old. Due to the evanescence of life, even the bad things can be conquered with strength, for soon, as the old saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

We’ve had a hard year here on our end since February. All the plans we had in January were turned upside down in the matter of weeks. We miscarried what was to be our third child, we moved across the state–again–, Thomas quit his prestigious job to enroll in school full time to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and he started his own private therapy practice, our son started kindergarten, I began back part-time teaching of composition in the college classroom, and life just kept giving us small yet challenging steps. It’s been wild and crazy, indeed.

Yet, this morning, I realized how soon I will look up and wonder where this time went. The time of settling, the time of mourning, the time of adjusting, the time of learning, the time of growing, the time of clinging, the time of loss, the time of new, the time of trusting, the time of being. I’ll look back and say, when Thomas has his degree, when we’ve decided again to grow our family, when Daniel and Wesley both are in school, when Thomas’s practice is even more than it already is, and I will say, “Wow, that was fast; how fleeting”

Just as the rising sun.

Getting Ragnar Ready

Next month, I will be running in a relay race that covers 196 miles and goes from start to finish, running non-stop through the night. Ragnar Relay is a new race for me, but some of my team mates have ran in the past. I have 3 legs of the race assigned to me to run, and although the start time of each will vary based upon the speed of all my previous runners, I am slated to begin my second leg of the race at about 1AM.

Yeah, you read that right, 1AM.

So, due to the time slot, I have had to purchase a headlamp (race rules) and I’ve ran a few times on my own at home attempting to get use to the new equipment.

Sexy, right? I know you are jealous.

Just last night I meet some teammates for a 6 mile run at 10PM, so there was a big group of us wearing these, along with highly attractive reflective vests. It is all in the spirit of not getting killed by a car, so I am completely fine with it.

Also, in preparation, I’ve been running a few road races. I’ve got one more to do before the big weekend event. I will be running 5 miles in some sort of Halloween costume that is still to be determined. I’ll keep you guessing on that one, although suggestions are completely welcome. (I have run it as Thomas the Train in the past!).

And to also help me in being Ragnar ready, I’ve been continuing with my Crossfit workouts. I still enjoy the brevity coupled with intensity in these workouts, for as a momma to two boys, they do not offer me much time to workout for too long at a time. The other day, in order to keep Wesley out of my way, I allowed him to have my phone and take pictures. Turns out the little guy snagged some decent photos of my doing some 75lb thrusters: And those fancy stripped socks are part of my getting Ragnar ready. Gotta love fun socks, right? Race essential, indeed.

Sunday I ran a nice 8 mile trail run at a great pace, but the real kicker to Ragnar is the frequency in the runs, coupled with the fact the routes are not flat and easy, so I really need to train by running more multiple hard runs in a single day to get best prepared.

Our team of 12 has 36 hours to run from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN, and the word on the street is that you don’t sleep that entire time. I have officially accepted the challenge to attempt sleep in the van in between my legs of the race, for I am not one to skimp on sleep much. It’s enough of a stretch to get me to attempt to do anything at 1AM, much less actually RUN, so I am thinking I am going to need some sleep!

I’ll let you know how it all turns out in about a month!