Love, The Bakers

Our friend from college, Molly, of Simply M Photography, took some fantastic photos of our family back in March. They adorn our home and also currently serve as the header for our blog. She’s a talented individual, for certain!  Her session was altogether filled with wonderful images.


Today Molly notified me that her friend and designer used our photos as the basis for several mock/sample Christmas cards. They look so cute, even if they are filled with made up names, such as Love The bakers/The Hickmans or from “Thomas, Mary Ann, Lucas, and Mark Andrew” (funny how she randomly got one right in the mix!).

So, since I was told my last blog post a a bit depressing by my husband and “made me tear up” by my sister-in-law, I decided fake Christmas cards might be the perfect lighthearted post to follow.


The Bakers :O)


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