Off to Kindergarten!

It is official—we have a kindergartener!

We’re one week in and he is in love. He’s one smart cookie, just like his dad, and he is a social butterfly, just like his mom, so school is going to be a great fit for this guy.

Congrats Daniel! We’re hoping this year fosters a love of learning and a lifetime of friends.

And I have no doubt that you will be a super hero, for I know that you, my son, will rattle the stars and change the world for good.

But knowing that didn’t keep me from a few tears come first morning drop off!




Cause no matter how big you get, you’ll always be the sweet boy that made me a momma and changed my world, for the better.

He’s only 5! Not much longer and he will officially tower over his momma!

Oh, and I’m taking predictions on how much longer it will be until my “little boy” is bigger than me :O)!


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