A Regular Afternoon

As summer is preparing to give way to fall, we’ve been trying to get in as many summer activities as possible. Recently, we made time to play in the sprinkler, or as Wesley likes the call it, “The Sprinkle.” Sprinkler play gave way to just plain hose pipe play, and I was pleased the say the boys sprayed each other, as well as themselves, in the face and no one ended up crying about it!















These are the kind of life moments that I don’t want to forget. The plain ones where you just go out in your yard and have some fun. Sure, it is not a huge trip to the beach, but it is brotherly love in the outdoors on a regular ol’ Wednesday afternoon, and it doesn’t get much better than that, if you ask me.


Myrtle Beach Pics!

Enjoy pictures from our beach adventure last month, all appearing in no particular order, cause ordering them would stress me out ;o)

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Off to Kindergarten!

It is official—we have a kindergartener!

We’re one week in and he is in love. He’s one smart cookie, just like his dad, and he is a social butterfly, just like his mom, so school is going to be a great fit for this guy.

Congrats Daniel! We’re hoping this year fosters a love of learning and a lifetime of friends.

And I have no doubt that you will be a super hero, for I know that you, my son, will rattle the stars and change the world for good.

But knowing that didn’t keep me from a few tears come first morning drop off!




Cause no matter how big you get, you’ll always be the sweet boy that made me a momma and changed my world, for the better.

He’s only 5! Not much longer and he will officially tower over his momma!

Oh, and I’m taking predictions on how much longer it will be until my “little boy” is bigger than me :O)!

That Awkward Moment When…

That awkward moment when you volunteer to read Judges 16:16 & 17 on Samson aloud in Sunday School

Because she [Delilah] nagged him [Samson] day after day and pleaded with him until she wore him out, he told her the whole truth….

But you change a word inadvertently and end up saying:

Because she nagged him day after day and pleased him until she wore him out, he told her the whole truth….

Big difference there, big difference.