Food Photo Fetish

I think I have a fetish.

Thomas clued me into it the other day after I snapped a photo of my dinner with my phone. His response: “Did you really just take a picture of that?”

Yes, yes I did.

Once I thought about it, I realized I take pictures of my food all the time. Once I went back and looked at the photos on my phone, I definitely confirmed that I have a fetish, an irrational relevance placed on taking photos of my food. I think it has to do something about spending the time making it and then being pretty happy about getting ready to actually eat it; I want to capture that moment.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner—I take photos.

And as proof, and as perhaps inspiration to your own food photo taking, I present to you much of what I have eaten here of late :O)

Because I bet you are just dying to know, right?


7 thoughts on “Food Photo Fetish

    • It all looks good to me! I need some ideas and it looks like you eat a very low carb diet, which is what I eat now considering bread hurts my belly. So, any time you come across something delish/low carb, send it my way! By the way, those meatballs in the lettuce look yummy…how about you send me that one for starters :)

    • You are welcome any time, Dana! And I guess you can bring Tyler and those 3 lovely kiddos too :O). Too bad the commute for a meal would be way too long!

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