Forgot to Say….

I wrote that last post in a bit of a frenzy, if you couldn’t tell by my abrasiveness :o). There were some things that I forgot to say or clarify. I think I will do just that here and now (and then also edit to add the thoughts more properly in the post).

Thought 1 that I forgot to say:
These small group members that ate so clean and did not partake in 98% of the foods prepared for them by hosts also took turns being the host for our meals. What did they fix you ask? Kale salads with chopped apples and sliced pecans for starters, baked farm fresh chicken seasoned with paprika and rosemary, roasted garlic carrot slices, water, and black bean brownies for dessert. Yum! Oh wait…..nope that’s not it at all. Let’s see, what did they prepare? Oh yeah, that’s right: pizza from a local pizza joint and some breadsticks, along with cokes to drink. Now, if you care so much about health to abstain yourself from meals others prepare for you, why would you care so little about us and serve guests pure crap with a smile? Why not cook something clean and show us how great it can taste? There is such a teachable moment here that was completely missed.

Thought 2 I forgot to say:
I really honestly wish I didn’t serve my kids the occasional gold fish. I honestly wish those around them did not have pantries stocked with processed junk laden with sugar. I really, really do. The thing I refuse to do, even when I feel this way, is pass condemnation on those that don’t know better or have yet to change their habits for the good. One thing I do take solace in, however, is that if I, as mommy to my boys, refuse to bring pop tarts, Cheetos, cereal, kool aid, and what not into the house, I can not have a conniption fit when I break down and serve a few goldfish with some gluten to get me through the 20 minute commute from the grocery store to home before lunch. I can just say ok to my kids when the birthday party host has a big bowl of chips, for the last time they had some was the last birthday two months ago.

Thought 3 I forgot to say:
These people that I griped about (and I specifically said small group people, although there are more that I can pinpoint in my life circles) really are good people. They love the Lord and strive to do what is best and right, and I feel that their choices are good ones. In fact, I adhere to many of the exact same practices and applications. I admire their perseverance and determination towards health, yet I can’t help but say they miss the mark in the execution some days. And in that missed mark, they hurt the cause, damage the audience, and stress some folks out enough to drive them towards a few Oreos ;o)

And finally: go read the comments on that post and add some of your own thoughts as well, even if in opposition. I love a good blog convo!


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