A Long Weekend Away

Thomas and I took a little weekend away to the mountains. We visited the Smokies, which are a totally different view than the Rockies we explored about this time last year. Regardless, it was time away together, in recovery and celebration.

My mother generously watched our boys while we explored the Titanic, hiked for miles, drank mai tais, sat in a hot tub, rocked in rocking chairs while listening to only the rippling of a river, saw 3 black bears, shopped at an outlet mall, read books leisurely, watched Red Box movies, and indulged on a few meals of not so clean or paleolithic eating.

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I love being with Thomas, and being that the Gatlinburg area was our Honeymoon destination, we spent much time chatting and reminiscing about how much things had stayed the same/changed in our 9 years of marriage (well, 9 years at the end of this month—but close enough).

Trips like this are what keep our marriage going. Just a few days of focusing on one another, spending time rejuvenating our love, reflecting on and discussing our dreams, as well as what the Lord is doing in us and through us is imperative. We’re so thankful for our life together.


4 thoughts on “A Long Weekend Away

  1. What a treat! So glad you were able to get away and enjoy some down time and time with each other. I wholeheartedly agree with you about needing time like that. You picked a beautiful place to do it too!

    • Dana: You and Tyler are one of those couples that I look up to for doing this very thing! I love reading your blog and seeing a new adventure that you took in order to spend some good quality time together. As you grow your family once again, I hope you keep the traveling and bonding going!

  2. Ahhh, that looks nice. I’m hoping Damon and I will get to go at least on a date for our anniversary at the end of the month. Not sure though since we will probably be in Texas for my nieces graduation. Keep your trips going, it reminds me that Damon and I need to do the same thing. :)

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