My Little Reader!

Daniel is a reader. A full blown reader, my friends. He has been for some time now, but lately he has just blossomed into a vibrant and eager reader, devouring books and reading them word for word. Often during his “quiet time” while Wesley naps, I can hear him in his room reading aloud, sounding out words. It make my heart swell up with pride, for I taught him how to read. Thomas and I together have helped to foster a love of reading into the young hearts and minds of our boys. What they can and do read will take them places, for sure, and I am so glad to see him already understanding what reading can do for him. First, he read based off semiotics, which is totally a legitimate reading approach. Wesley is in that stage right now. But, day by day, during our little home school time, Daniel has grasped the sounds of letters, memorized some age appropriate sight words, and can read full sentences. It has been amazing to see him gather data and process his world via a string of letters that form words that combine into sentences that have meanings, that make stories. Plain amazing. Below you can hear my little guy read a basic book from a beginner’s series that he got from my friend Pat. Not only is he reading, he is comprehending his text, and I honestly can’t wait until he is the one reading the chapter books to me and Thomas at night!


5 thoughts on “My Little Reader!

  1. Reading!!!! Super awesome. I hope you keep encouraging him. I think it is fantastic that he already has a love for books. What is he wanting to read right now?

    • So glad to see someone else excited about my kiddo reading! It really is fantastic. Right now, he wants to read EVERYTHING he sees. He has lately been correcting me/ telling me what to do based off signs he reads. Sometimes there are words he does not know, so he gets to gist of the sign but misunderstands the specifics and I have to work hard to convince him I am not doing something wrong :O). His current preferences, outside of The Magic Tree House books he is read at night, is basically anything Star Wars or super hero related.

  2. We have one of the Magic Tree House books, but I have yet to read it to Liam. Maybe I will try tonight.

    Super heros and Star Wars I’m sure are perfect. Anything to keep them reading.

    I’m sure your discussions with Daniel are quite entertaining. I expect that he would be quite persistent.

  3. I am super proud of Daniel! He did an amazing job at reading and I love that he stopped and corrected himself when he didn’t get a word right. Then his excitement at the very end made me smile from ear to ear! Way to go Daniel!

  4. I am so glad Daniel is reading those books! I hesitated when I bought that little set, but couldn’t pass it up with my Borders discount. Sometimes I do exactly the right thing :)

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