Maybe God Will Push Me…..

The other day, amidst our lovely weather, the boys and I were outside playing. We had migrated to the swing set and I was pushing Wesley while eating a banana. Daniel then asked me to push him in the swing, to which I replied, “I can’t do that right now Daniel. I’m already pushing Wesley and I am eating a banana with my other hand, and you can reach the ground, so you will just have to push yourself. You know how.” This self sufficiency did not sound appealing to Daniel, so he whined back “But I want you to Momma.”

In a short tone, between bites of banana, I told him “I can’t right this second son.” Daniel hesitated and sulked a little. Head down, in a pouty voice, he emitted a single line “Maybe God will push me.” Without pause, I piped back to my 5 year old, “God gave you the ability to push yourself. Now do it,” while shoving the final bites of fruit into my mouth.

Sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? After I said it though, I almost chuckled at how true the statement really is for our lives. So many times we beg and plead to God about what to do and how to do it and would He please just help us out a bit through some divine intervention because we really don’t want to do it ourselves.

We all want a burning bush. We all want that literal sign to fall from heaven to let us know that we are choosing right or being guided by Him. We all want it to be easy because someone else is doing it for us. Sometimes though, we get nothing. It all seems quiet and silent. We’re stuck at a crossroads and we’re not sure what to do and we really just want God to push us.

My, oh my, how easy it would be if He would just push us.

Keep in mind it’s not that He can’t push us. He’s divine, my friends, and if a push on the swing set is what He wanted for us, He could do it, whether it be through the power of the wind or from His holy hand on the small of our back. He could do it, I know.

But just because He can doesn’t mean that He will.

Instead, He is observing us, saying to Himself, “I gave that sweet child of mine the tools to conquer this. She can overcome, if only she’d look inside herself and use those Me-Given abilities to do so. Push yourself dear one, push yourself.”

Maybe God will push me……maybe. Or Maybe He wants to show me just how capable and strong I am. He seeks to empower me. He desires to help me find my own strength, which comes from Him.