It’s A Good Thing….

It’s a good thing I do not like computer games, for there does not appear to be any more room on Thomas’s lap ;o)


4 thoughts on “It’s A Good Thing….

  1. I leave the video games in Damon’s domain. I only enjoyed Mario brothers. Liam love the Lego Xbox games. I never thought I would let my four year old play video games.

    • We have a wii, on which I personally only play Just Dance (it is extremely fun!). On Wednesdays, when Thomas and I go to Bible study, Daniel and Wesley are watched by their Aunt. She lets them play some on the wii (I don’t even know how to set it up). I, too, never thought my newly 5 year old would play a video game, but in all seriousness, it has improved his hand/eye coordination. No joke. We’ve had so many warm days lately, we’ve been outside playing Baseball. Daniel was SO much better at hitting what I threw at him, which was not really the case when he played last spring. Yes, he is older, but we just have not really worked on the skill after the summer months. I can only contribute it to the game playing. Also, it has taught Daniel about defeat. He has really gotten upset about not being able to do/conquer certain steps in the game he plays (Lego Batman). Life lesson early!

  2. Damon is getting life lessons when playing with Liam. He gets so frustrated because Liam gets them killed frequently when playing the Lego game. I have to remind Damon that Liam is just learning. Hee hee.

    And another funny thing, Damon is gone for part of the week in Nashville. So Liam keeps asking to not go to my friend’s house on those days. He says he just wants to stay home. I ask him, who he wants to stay with him. Now is response is Daddy. I ask why, “So I can play Lego Batman. ” At least my feelings are not hurt. No video games are allowed on the xBox unless D is here. I get frustrated playing the games and Liam need a lot of help with it right now.

    • Yeah, same for me. I just don’t mess with it, and being that Daniel and Wesley know that, they don’t ask me! Thomas has gotten to where he only helps like once (if they are not playing together) and then Daniel is on his own. There have been some tears shed because of this, but losing or not getting past a hard part is a pretty good life lesson that a video game can give—and it is low risk! I guess there are some positives, when I hunt for them ;o)

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