i ♥ faces: oh so silly

To choose just one silly face photo for my family is so hard. Thomas has only let go of the consistent silly face in photos due to a slight transition into adulthood. Daniel will often strike a goofy face in a quick snapshot, but my sweet Wesley basically lives for the silly face. In fact, to find a photo of him without a goofy expression is the real challenge. He truly is “oh so silly.” So, in light of that, I present to you a silly face, compliments of my second son, and by doing so I have managed to make a post to my blog, which I seem to be challenged at doing as of late.

Be sure to go and check out some other silly faces! I am sure there are tons to enjoy:
Photo Challenge Submission


Merry and Bright

We had a great Christmas, full of family and fun, dinosaurs and angry birds, Legos and love. It was merry and bright.

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And for the record, Wesley prefers candy over gifts, hence the photo of a mouth shoved full of M&Ms and the tummy time near the tree sneaking Pez he got from my mom.

Finally, three guesses on who we need to thank for this gift, although if you know our family much, I am sure you will not need all three: