I had delayed long enough. It was definitely past time to put Daniel into a booster seat, rather than still in a car seat.

I may have possibly teared up when I looked back at him for the first time when he was in his booster. He just looked SO big. I know folks, he is 5 and he is big, but just seeing him make this change was for some weird reason slightly emotional for me.


Our sweet Wesley had to have some blood drawn. After gastrointestinal issues, some not so pleasant bathroom trips, a lot of tears and “Owwhhh! Boo-Boo hurt!” cries while grabbing his throat and chest, and one trip to the ER,  I asked for him to be allergy tested because nothing else was adding up for our little guy.

He cooperated quite nicely with the blood draw and felt comforted by the bright orange band-aid and dinosaur sticker. Two days later we found out the boy is allergic to eggs. Not the type of allergic where your whole face blows up in hives and it is very evident that you have something that your body is not happy with, but “high” on the allergy scale to where he does not need them because his insides get mad about it.

I will obviously NOT be making him an egg any more in the mornings, which tended to be our usual breakfast of choice. One morning here recently, before we knew of his allergy, I asked him if he wanted an egg for breakfast, to which he responded “Yes Momma!” After I made it, he decided he no longer wanted it. I told him he would need to eat some of his egg before he could have more food, which he did eventually do. I made him eat egg, which he was/is allergic to…yes, yes I did.


Mom of the year right here.

I’m glad to say we’re one week in from avoiding eggs in any form and he is doing much better already!

(Just so you know, eggs are in all kinds of random things too, such as hot dogs and pretzels, and of course cookies, cake, and bread. Egg allergies are actually the most common allergy in children and they often just appear around the age of 1 or 2 and kids usually outgrow the intolerance by age 5 or 6)


5 thoughts on “*Sniff*

  1. I make my kids eat things they don’t want to all of the time, Summer! At least now you know why he didn’t want to eat it! Sort of a bummer though. Hopefully it will be something he grows out of!

  2. Steve’s kids are allergic to several things. Mimi has to have no glutton and others. Little Steven can’t have nuts and other things. Chloe seems to be okay on everything. Bekah usually fixes their food when they come up as we are not sure what they can or can’t have. I’m so sorry Wesley has this allergy and hopefully he will grow out of it. You are a good Mom who would never give her kids anything that you “know” would hurt them. Love you all,

    • Thanks Karen for the pep talk! I can totally see why Bekah brings their food when they visit. It is certainly surprising as to what contains something that your kiddo can’t tolerate!

  3. Boo… food allergies are NO fun. Micah has the egg (had an anaphylactic reaction) and nut allergy. We found out when I was feeding him a scrambled egg when he was just over a year old. He kept turning his head away, but I continued to stick it in his mouth till it was gone. I felt terrible when he was covered head to toe in hives about 20 minutes later. It happens to the best of us…. glad you found the culprit! We are VERY good at reading food labels now!

    • I totally forgot about Micah being allergic to eggs! Being that Wesley’s reactions were a little more “hidden” it took us about a month to figure it all out for him. I am SO glad our doctor was willing to draw his blood for a test so quickly. All I had to do was ask once and she was on it! From a recent conversation with another friend, I know that quick response from the pediatrician is not always the case.

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