Chapter Books

Well, we’ve celebrated the 5th birthday of our first born, and now  he has officially turned 5, a new bed time routine has been enacted. No longer will any random book be read at bedtime. Now, Daniel will be read a chapter from a “chapter book.”

Let me tell you, my heart has been excited about this day. I was not read chapter books at bedtime when I was little, but the whole thought of a parent reading through a big book together with his or her child makes this English teacher heart of mine happy.

And yes, one day I do envision journeying through the Harry Potter series together, but until those are more age appropriate, I had to ask the librarian for some suggestions. From her advice, I chose to go with the Magic Tree House series. The chapters are very brief, there are occasional pictures, and the storyline is perfect for small kids with big imaginations, like our sweet Daniel. The whole group is also in our local public library, so this makes for a pragmatic selection.

The only downside? Thomas generally tucks Daniel in at night while I tuck in Wesley. This routine began when I was nursing Wesley and I was really the only parent in the household that could take care of that need, so Thomas just began winding Daniel down for the night. This habit therefore means that I will not be the one reading the chapter books to him regularly, and in all honesty that makes me a bit jealous, but there is also an opportunity here and there, which means I will have to keep up on the readings myself! I do like that Thomas and Daniel will get a special bonding time one-on-one, which I get during the day when we are home together and Wesley is napping.

They will be on Chapter 5 tonight, and when I asked Daniel how the story was progressing, he turned into a spectacular literary critic and summarized the first bits to me, saying “The tree house spun in circles……what will happen next?”which I assume was a small line from the close of one of the chapters, but being I have only read chapter 1, I can’t say for sure.

So, here’s to chapter books, growing imaginations, literacy, and daddy and son bonding time, along with a little magic in a tree house too, I would presume!


One thought on “Chapter Books

  1. Happy 5th Birthday to Daniel!! The English teacher in me grieves with you that you won’t be the one to bed-time read! However, what memories with his Dad!! Heads up on an awesome author to add to your boys’ book collection (starting at 4th grade – 6th) -Michael Spradlin’s Knight’s Templar series! My BIG reader (7th grade) – well, it’s his favorite series so far! Sadly, there’s not a 4th in the 3 book series!

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