5 Years and Counting

Daniel is turning 5 this month. It is almost unbelievable. I mean, 5? Really? Man oh man. Although he is not officially 5, we’ve already had his party. He wanted a Sponge Bob party, and even though I am not a Sponge Bob fan and we don’t even have the cable channels that it comes on at our house, he has seen it at his Grandma’s and he likes it. We check out the books from the library and the bright yellow sponge is a hit with him and his brother. So, alas, a Sponge Bob party it was.

I lined the sidewalk coming into our house with pineapples, and the table was mainly decorated with items Wesley was given at his 2nd birthday from his Aunt. I made a square yellow cake and we found some Sponge Bob mini-characters at a yard sale that became great cupcake toppers.

Being that he is only turning 5 and a simple party at home is still pleasing to him, I opted to keep it low-key and ultimately cheap. We ordered pizza for everyone, which is certainly not healthy but it was tasty and convenient. It’s a birthday so everyone is allowed to splurge, right?

Daniel was given some gifts that truly suited him. It is neat to see him developing a personality, and I really appreciate people buying gifts to suit his tastes. He was given some art supplies, books, puzzles, some Star Wars clothing items, a Sponge Bob necklace with his name on it, a Lego sticker book, a Veggie tales DVD, and a Sponge Bob game.

Although we had talked the night before the party about what you do when you get something that you may already have, complete with role playing, Daniel still said “I already have that!” when he opened his Veggie Tales DVD. Fortunately only family was there, so no one got too upset. In fact, my mom is going to put the receipt in the mail and we can try to get him one he does not have yet.

His gift from us was an Angry Bird hat, which he was quite fond of after opening it. He has been wearing it off and on since and it just cracks me up to see it atop his head! I honestly can’t wait for it to get much cooler so he can wear it around all the time!

The weather was great, so the cousins played outside. Throwing Frisbee, swinging, sidewalk chalk, wrestling, bikes, and other outdoor activities were on the agenda. I wish November weather could be a little more predictable, for I just might make a leap and plan the whole event outside, if I could be promised super weather like we had on the party day.

Looking at these pictures, it is just so hard to believe that my first born is already so independent. I mean, at his first birthday he wasn’t even walking and needed my help with every present. Now, he is running full force and ripping open packages. In fact, my sweet niece was still in the womb at his first birthday bash and now she is writing her own name with sidewalk chalk! Sweet great-grandparents¬† of Daniel were present at birthdays past that are no longer with us. As he grows, life changes, and I am just glad to have moments of pause and celebration of the amazing life the Lord has granted unto us to raise to honor him. Man, I had no intentions of making this a sappy post, but when I just glimpse at the photos of the day, I get soft-hearted. Happy Birthday Daniel! We were pleased to celebrate you, dear son, and we can’t wait until the official day comes and we can applaud you all again, complete with another surprise!


6 thoughts on “5 Years and Counting

  1. Love the photos and you always do a great job on thrifty themed parties. It looks like you put a lot of work into the party decorations and making it a special birthday for him. I’ve already decided that Liam’s fifth party will be a smaller, affair. It was great having so many friends with us for his birthday, but it was also overwhelming too.

    • Leigh Ann, it was a full house still but one of just family. We’ve done the celebrations both ways, and I just felt like keeping it simple. All in all, he ends up happy no matter what. I think I am going to keep it simple as long as he will still let me :O)

  2. Can you come be my birthday planner?! Hard to believe its been more than 5 years now since we’ve lived by you guys. Maybe we’ll make it back to Campbell someday and we can get to know your kids too!

  3. As I srarted reading this, I thought back to his first birthday party as well and it is so hard to believe he is turning 5 already! Time really does fly by! Happy birthday Daniel!
    Oh and by the way, I LOVE your mom’s socks! That picture totally cracked me up :)

    • Brandy, you were there for the first birthday! You are such a sweet friend. I actually remember what you bought Daniel too! What are the chances of that? :O)

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