Chaos with Solitude: A Mommy and Kiddo trip

Some ladies that I went to college with have husbands, that I also went to college with, that take annual golf trips (which my hubby does not go on). Usually those ladies stay at home and wait for the boys to return. This year, however, they decided that they needed to take a trip too, which I was glad to be invited to attend, and with the life as a stay-at-home mom, I could easily schedule the availability to attend.

We spent two nights at a state park in the cabins. It was just a wonderful time, filled with chaos from the kids along with solitude with friends, for there were 3 adults moms and 6 kiddos combined. The kiddos spent their time along with lots of playing, rock throwing, exploring, digging, getting dirty, bed jumping,  coloring, and laughing. Us mommies spent time coralling kids, hiking as a group, talking over coffee and wine, cooking group meals, and just enjoying the freedom of no Internet and virtually no cell service to distract us from the company of one another or the unity of play with our children.

Leigh Ann, Megan, and I are three different ladies with various interests (Megan is a music therapist and Leigh Ann is an engineer–I mean, those are both so varied from my skill sets), yet we also have similarities in what we want for our families, how we want to be as moms, and things of the like. We talked childbirth, careers, discipline, finances, healthy eating, protecting without sheltering our children, crafting, patience, husbands, and everything in between.

Wesley took a little spill on the asphalt one day and he got a bit of a scab over his lip but he took it all like a champ and managed to not cry too much.

It was a great time, and I am glad I was able to just enjoy nature and eat some Smores with friends, which, by the way, were made on a fire that I built by myself two nights in a row. And, yes, I am proud of myself for that one!

Thanks to Misplaced Alaskan and The Joys of Life for such a great time.

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