5k Race Day

Thomas and I ran in a 5k race last weekend that was a fundraiser to help people battling cancer pay for medical bills. The event is quite large in number and full of emotions as well, for there are many runners that are running in memory or in honor of a person with cancer. Survivors even run and get a really cool neon pink race number to help them stand out from the masses. There is a massive balloon release where people let go of balloons that have the names of loved ones battling the disease or that have lost the battle tied to them.(Thanks to Alison for the picture below. The release actually takes place at the same time as the gunshot start, so no pics are being taken on my end at that time)

We ran in memory and in honor of many people we know and loved, but officially we were on the books for “Team Jimmy,” who just happens to be my cousin battling liver cancer.

Last year we ran this same race, which was actually Thomas’s first 5k ever. This year marked his second 5k, and he actually made quite an improvement! He shaved off over 9 minutes from his first time and set an official PR! (this is us, pre-race and then post-race)

I had a cold (still do–stupid snot!) but managed to win a medal. We (well, mainly me) were hungry though, so we skipped out before awards ceremony in search of food.

And no, neither of us ran with the stroller. The kids were just coralled there momentarily as we journeyed to the team photo spots, to the car, and such. It is seriously a big and busy race, so this was so helpful. My mom stayed with the boys during the race, keeping an eye out for us to finish.

After I finished though, both the boys tacked me with hugs, which was super great. About the time that I expected to see Thomas finish, I ran back to the home stretch to catch him, running a little bit with him to encourage him to finish strong. I cut off at the end so that I did not cross the finish line and mess up something with my chip timer. Next thing I know, I hear “Whew! Whew! (huff, huff)” right behind me. I turn around to find Daniel, so I asked him what he was doing “I am running the race, of course,” he replied. “Well where is Grandma?” I asked. “She is running too!” which was not true. Daniel had just taken off running and actually crossed the pads like an official runner, putting on the same show that he saw all the other runners do, huffing and puffing, wiping his head. It was really funny. I think that I might try and find a kids’ fun run for him to do soon after that little stunt.

All in all it was a great race. I am extremely proud of Thomas for his job well done. I hope he pulls off an even better time at his next 5k, which happens to be in a few weeks!


2 thoughts on “5k Race Day

  1. Way to go, Thomas! We’ll stay tuned for the results of the next one! Also, hilarious story about Daniel – I can picture Owen doing something very similar!

  2. Yay!!! Great job Thomas and Summer. I love doing races and I think it sets a great example for our kids. Liam and Nick have now both ran over the finish lines of races. Too cute. Maybe we should have a kiddie race for the boys when we meet up.

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