Nailed It

I saw this picture and I just can’t help but laugh, over and over again.

I feel like, yes, the images are funny on their own, but the words “Nailed It” make me laugh in the kind of way that causes you to snort. Too funny! I thank the cyber gods for randomly bringing this jewel to me.

In other news, to you folks that subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed, sorry for the recent yet not so recent post on my Nannie. My old blog server is no more and that was where I originally typed that blog entry. My mom had printed it out, from back in the day, and I wanted to still have my digital copy of it despite the server being gone, so I retyped it and post-dated the blog entry back to the start of 2008 when it was originally written. I didn’t think about it auto sending it to you, even though it did. And soon, I hope to remember Grandmama. I just still haven’t found the time to do it justice.

And yes, I realize I said “haven’t found the time to do it justice” in the same blog entry that shows you Cookie Monster cupcakes, which proves to you I have obviously just wasted time.

Nailed it.


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