Not Sure What I Love Most

As some of you know, Thomas’s Grandmother passed away almost two weeks ago, and I thank you all for your love, prayers, phone calls, texts, food, and even potted plants. You are wonderful people to us! I want to write a memory/tribute blog post of Grandmama but I have not found the time or energy quite yet. I want to do it justice, so I have just decided to wait until time allows for a quality reflection. I don’t want our blog to be too silent though, so I thought I would post a picture that we found when going through some photo albums to find images to remember her by.

This is my dearest husband, at the ripe age of 5.

I am totally not sure what I love most about this picture. Any of the following could take top accolades

  • The food on his face
  • The belt
  • His hand on his hip
  • The pride he has in his Lego tower
  • Those curtains in the background
  • That Thomas still plays with Legos and I could very well take a replica photo almost any day
  • The the cow lick in the front side of his hair
  • That my boys have taken pictures just like this one
  • That my boys look just. like. him.

Which one do you love most?


One thought on “Not Sure What I Love Most

  1. Oh, I have another that I love:
    That his shirt is buttoned to the top button! If you were to ask him to wear a shirt like this now, he would probably choke and die.

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