It’s Never Boring with Two

I have to say that as a parent, it is never boring with two kiddos, and especially two boys I would think.

This morning, I was downstairs starting a load of laundry and putting some pocket diapers back together. The boys were upstairs playing Legos, which they love to do every day. There were some cries coming from Daniel’s bedroom, but I knew what they were about, for I had already checked. Wesley was literally collapsing with a cry every time that his tower simultaneously collapsed. As Thomas would say, “Son, the laws of physics are not gonna allow that thing to stand,” but Wesley just kept trying. He would squeal out, whine a little, and then try again, only to repeat the same process again and again. I, therefore, knew what was going on, how it would be played out, and that it would be repeated over and over, so I worried not.

Finally, the cries seemed a little more intense, and I could hear Wesley coming down the stairs in turmoil. He was crying out “Ouuuuchhh. Oooouuuchhhh. Bubba!” while big tears fell down his cheeks.

“Daniel, did you do something to Wesley?” I ask, while cuddling Wesley and wiping away his tears.

Suddenly, Daniel pops out of his room and begins to explain the situation. It went a little something like this:

Momma, Wesley and I were playing Legos and talkin’ about cars. Wesley told me the car was red but it’s NOT. It was dark. I did not see a red car. He kept talkin’ about it and talkin’ about it and he began to stretch me out Momma! He was stretchin’ me out about it so I decided to stretch him! I took my Elmo puppet and used him like a cowboy and I made it go around his neck like the cowboys do. That is why he is cryin’.

At this point, I am trying to keep a straight face and refrain from laughing. My mind began to envision the lasso rope Elmo being whipped around poor Wesley’s neck, like a cowboy might do. “Stretchin’ me out” means stressing him out, which I have obviously said this to Daniel, and it was humorous to think that the punishment for stressing someone out it to in return stress them out too.

I managed to talk with Daniel about how to better handle the situation next time without laughing too much, and Daniel was awarded a time out.

The two boys crack me up every day, as well as often “stretch me out.”  Even though this moment had elements of both, fortunately the fun outweighed the stressful, which usually tends to be the case.

It’s certainly never boring when there is a sibling with which to fight!


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