When I log on to check my e-mail, the Yahoo server lets me know what is “trending” in the world. It usually makes me laugh, for I generally have not heard of any of the people, used any of the items, cared for any of the music, and things of the like. I certainly do not consider myself to be stuck under a rock, but the mass of the population appears to love things much different than I do. So, in order to compete, I am letting you know what is trending here in the V Family household, for me at least.

1- Wool Laundry Ball: Ah, yes. Balls of wool. It is really that simple. I have used them for about 6 months in my dryer and there is really not much better. You just throw the little round things into your dryer and you leave them there. You never have to remember to put in a fabric softener sheet or buy really expensive natural liquid softener. I always tended to forget the softener anyways, so no matter what kind I had, it never got use. I thought about making my own, but by the time I bought the spool of wool, I was not really saving a cent. For a total of 6 bucks, I have two wool laundry balls that seriously keep static cling away from my laundry (and you really need two by the way). On occasion I will have one item stick to another but that is rare. I just keep them in the dryer and all is well.

2- Short Runs: Yes, I know I have ran a full marathon and a half-marathon, but all before those races, you would hear me say “I don’t think the human body is made to run that long of a distance. I mean, the first guy that ran one died, so why do we continue to replicate that?” People would laugh at my comment and usually agree, but something inside of me always assumed they were laughing while silently thinking, “Yeah, sure, good point. But you only say that because you can’t run a marathon.” So, for the most part, those extreme distances were to prove something that may/may not have needed proving. I really feel, however, that we shouldn’t run those distances. Our heart and our knees will thank us later for skipping out on that demanding training, and there is much research to back me up on this one(take that one as a small sample). While I still love a long run, meaning more around 6-8 miles, my life with two kids just can’t really manage that time so well, not to mention the heat we have in the summer months. Even though we just became members of our local YMCA, I can’t fathom 10 miles on the monstrosity called a treadmill. My solution? Short runs. I have just been getting on, moving that treadmill count to 9.5 to 11 and burning out a mile. 6 minutes and about 5 to 15 seconds later, I am done. And tired. Although I use to haul my butt faster than that back in my competitive track days, that was 2 kids and over 10 years ago, so a 6:15 mile I am going to consider intense, even though elite marathon runners pace miles faster than that. I am going to try and get it under 6 here soon, but I think I will need to get off the treadmill and hit the pavement to really make that happen.

3- Yoga: After a swift mile run, I might do some weights and then I move on to Yoga class at the Y. I am seriously enjoying my time practicing yoga. I have done some yoga before, but never in a classroom type of setting, more of just me, myself, and I with a DVD on yoga. Hearing things being described by the instructor on how/why certain moves and formations are done is fascinating to me. I also like the challenge of balance poses. The concept of focusing on the present and the now, which yoga encourages, is a hard one for me, so practicing this idea is good for me. I can also honestly say that my breathing techniques learned in class kept me from vomiting on a recently turbulent airplane journey to MN for my cousin’s wedding this past month. The lady next to me on the plane said, “I was very impressed with your meditation breathing! It seemed to work for you. I also enjoyed admiring your hair while you sat there.” Thanks, random lady. You are so observant and wise. Now, thanks to my hubby being so kind on my birthday, I have a new yoga DVD to practice with at home.

4- Friends: No, not the old TV show, but real, relational friends. I know that is totally cheesy, but after celebrating my 29th birthday, all the cards, text messages, phone calls, FB comments, e-mails, and things of the like to wish me a wonderful day was just awesome. I love it when people pause thinking of only themselves and their family to send me a message or a snail mail greeting, one of which was homemade–thanks Brandy! Hearing my friends–and family–sing to me over the phone is priceless. Remembering me is pretty awesome, so to each and every one of my friends that helped me celebrate, THANKS! I also got to see many of my sweet friends the day after my birthday at our annual Wesley Foundation Picnic. Reminiscing and catching up with those friends from college is always a highlight of my summer. Not everyone makes the time or has the ability to come back, but it is always awesome to spend some moments with those that do. We had to drive over 2 hours to get there but it was certainly worth it.

5- Lush: Thomas bought me a few Lush items about 2 years ago. He took a business trip to MN, and when I visited the state for the first time for my cousin’s wedding, I checked the store out myself. I walked away with two different kinds of scrubs because I love a good scrub. My favorite so far is one that is really abrasive that actually leaves behind Shea Butter lotion. So, you scrub away and soften and moisten all at the same time. So great! All Lush items are handmade and fresh, and although I am really good about clean and natural in some areas of my life, soap is not one of the best places for me (I still think the Huggies travel baby wash cloths are the best ever for travel and infants, even though I think they stopped making them–but Babyganics came out with a green version!). I am really considering their face cleansers but I want to try them in person first. Fortunately, there is a store in my state! Unfortunately, that store is over 4 hours away :o/

What’s trending in your world? Are your things as dorky as mine? :O)


One thought on “Trending

  1. 6:15-really? Crazy lady! That’s a ‘trend’ I’d like to try. On second thought, my 9 minute miles feel pretty good!

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