Pool Time!

My friend Jennifer was going to be back in my home state visiting her mom and wanted to meet up and go swimming in her family pool. The boys and I drove about an hour and a half to meet her, which is quite far for some pool time, but we really all went for the company. It was great catching up with Jen, as well as meeting Anna Kathryn for a second time. This was the first time in a big pool this year for Daniel and Wesley, and I was very pleased with how well they both did. Wesley jumped off the diving board to me and Daniel took some time to swim without water wings. He even discovered that he could touch in the shallow end! They were super excited to play with all the toys, like construction goggles, trucks, and basketballs, in the water. They completely zonked out in the car on the way home, so I drove home listening to talk radio in silence.

Thanks Jen for the invite!


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