Toy Story #2 Party

Well, since the month of June is coming to a close, I wanted to go ahead and make sure I at least got my sweet boy’s birthday documented during the actual birth month, so let’s take a look at Wesley’s special day.

To welcome guests to the party, I decorated the front door with expo markers and a poster of Buzz and Woody. The inside of the door also had a poster where we played “pin the badge on Woody.” My niece Jenna won the contest, but only Wesley, Jenna, and Daniel played. The other kids didn’t want to do it, for whatever reason.

Wesley was pretty excited to see his decorations, espcially Buzz flying in the sky:

I love how he looks so tiny next to the table of goodies. (side note: I *almost* had a heart attack when Wesley nearly pulled the tower of cupcakes down, onto himself, just moments before the party was to start. You can ask my sister-in-law for confirmation of that fact. Fortunately, they just wiggled over to one side and then toppled back to even rather than smothering him in homemade chocolate icing.)

I made gift bags for all the kiddos that had fun goodies inside, along with giving each a Woody painting set. All the Toy Story decorations were mainly taken from the boys’ toy stash, and it was fun thinking of ways and places to use them. For example, each cupcake had a toy soldier on top. The below decoration was my favorite, although I think the concept of it was lost on all the kid guests, being that most have only seen Toy Story 3, not the first one, which is what this set-up references.

My friend Pat gave me a birthday kit that she picked up at work on sale, so we used some of the gift bags as popcorn bags at the celebration. We also used the birthday banner that was included, along with a few other goodies. Isn’t she so thoughtful? Pat totally knows I am a dork when it comes to parties and that I love a good deal, so it was a perfect fit.

We kept it low key structure wise, opening the gifts first so everyone could play with them, using the bubble machine inside, and allowing the kids to eat cupcakes before we actually sang to Wesley. It’s just easier that way. This meant that when it came time to actually sing and blow out the candles, Wesley already had chocolate on his face from his cupcake, which he did not eat but only licked the chocolate off of and then discarded randomly next to the couch. See exhibit a, to the right, for proof, as well as the image below.

I love how happy he looks about his cake and everyone singing. I had to help him blow out the candle, but later, on his actual birthday yet after his party, he blew it out without a problem all on his own.

It was great to have family and friends come to celebrate the life of our little one.We even played outside some so Wesley could put some of his new toys to use. No one stayed outside too long though because it was hot!

It is unbelievable how much he is growing, how much he is learning, and just how much we love this little wild and crazy son of ours. Happy 2nd Birthday Wesley! May God give you many, many more years of celebrations.


2 thoughts on “Toy Story #2 Party

  1. Such a cool party! I love the monitor photo too-I totally recognized it as a scene in the movie! Maybe I need you to be my party planner?!

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