To-Do List Reminder

Nap time is usually “attempt to get everything done time” for me. Recently, it is a guessing game if Daniel is actually going to nap or not, and even though he still has “rest time” it just does not work out to the same moment of opportunity as a true nap does.

Today, they both fell asleep, and I knew I could really get some things done. I was knocking out some things on my to-do list, which seemed to be way too far behind since VBS and Wesley’s birthday. To top it off, it was raining and storming outside, so staying indoors was all the easier and I felt even more productive.

Right in the midst of putting some laundry away, I heard Wesley awake from nap, crying. Crying when waking up from nap really just means he woke up too soon. I raced upstairs and scooped him out of his bed and sat with him in the rocking chair. He was crying, fighting me, wanting to get up.

Knowing he needed to keep resting, I told him to stay with mommy and then I began to sing to him. He settled down and began to play with my hair, which is something he does all the time as a comfort. Usually, if my hair is in a pony tail when I go to put him in bed, I have to let it down so he can get his hands on it. If not, he will rub at the hair at the base of my neck. He even plays with his own when he gets sleepy or upset.

Soon, his speed of running his fingers across my long strands of hair began to slow. Next thing I knew, he had stopped completely, his weight seemed to double, and he was back asleep. Success! I could suddenly get back to my to-do list.

But I couldn’t. I, instead, needed to just keep sitting with my “baby,” just like I got to do when I first welcomed him into the world (wasn’t that just yesterday??) Now, instead of being exclusively on my chest when sleeping, he needed my lap too, and his feet hang down past my knees. Now, I can’t breathe as simply when his full weight is at rest on me. Usually, he reaches for the bed before he completely falls asleep; holding him while he dreams is so rare.

So, we just sat there in the chair. I held him while I listened to the storms roll in, rain pound on the roof, the thunder rattle the windows, and the clothes in the dryer toss and turn in their cycle. I sat there and kissed his head while saying screw it to my to-do list.

Wesley is worth much more than another line through a daily chore.

Thank God for the reminder.


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