Keeping It Real, On Father’s Day

Today we celebrate fathers. As part of the plan to do just that very thing, Daniel, Wesley and I decided to let Thomas sleep late. When it was time to wake him up for church, we went in to greet him with a cup of fresh lemonade, complete with a lid and straw, his homemade cards, and his gift. Daniel was SO excited about giving his daddy his homemade card, so he insisted that he carry that portion into the room. This left the lemonade to Wesley.

As we crept in, Daniel went to one side of the bed while Wesley went to the other. Daniel gently said, “Wake up Daddy, it is Father’s Day.” Wesley said “Daddie” and sat the lemonade on the bed. Suddenly, Thomas awoke wide eyed and said “Cold! What is so cold??!!??!”

Yeah, turns out letting Wesley carry the lemonade, even with the lid on the cup, was not the best decision I’ve made.

At least Thomas got to especially enjoy the contrast of the cold to his warm shower, right?

So yeah, we keep it real, which includes this one and only photo of Thomas with his children this Father’s Day:

Perfect if I may say so myself.


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