Here and There: A Pictorial Extravaganza

Lately we’ve spent much time here and there, doing this and that. You know, just like most other families. I realized that our family blog, my virtual scrapbook, has too many gaps from life of recent weeks, mainly April and May thus far, so here is a bit details on our journeys. Take a look at our pictorial extravaganza:

(side note—I had all the images cleverly arranged within the post but for some reason, formatting was not my friend and it all just ended up being a jumbled disaster, so you’ll have to appreciate them collectively.)
  • Cheered at our eldest son’s first adventures into sports

  • Celebrated a Baby shower for an old college roomie

  • Enjoyed “Jazz on the Lawn” at a local winery with friends

  • I took a pleasure trip, sans kids, to TX to see one of my very best friend’s baby for the very first time. I went without kids and enjoyed living life on a different schedule than I normally do (stay up late, eat late, sleep late!)

  • Thomas had a business trip to TX to make a major presentation to some pretty important people. He also toured the Alamo while there.

  • Thomas spent three days doing volunteer work right after devastating tornadoes hit Alabama (check out his new blog to read more…..and perhaps leave a comment letting him know you stopped in for a visit. He is a bit blog-obsessed at the moment; hook him up with hits and make him happy!)

  • Visited the zoo–twice! Once, with grandma and daddy, and a second time just with mommy (the perks of a family membership!

  • Gone fishing with Uncle Damien and fell in the mud by accident (poor Wesley was *really* angry about the whole matter)

  • Relished in a visit to the symphony, compliments of free boxed-seats tickets from a friend (it was simply a-mazing!)

  • Went to the park, colored on our bellies (Wesley at least!), ate picnic lunches in the yard, visited the library frequently, made crafts, played dress up with friends, picked flowers that we really shouldn’t have because Mommy would like them (thanks Daniel!), worked with tools, and other such mommy is home with us during the day type adventures.

What’s next, you ask? Well, right on the horizon is an out of town adventure to celebrate 8 years of marriage together! Here is a sneak peek:

One thought on “Here and There: A Pictorial Extravaganza

  1. I think this is so cool. Are you sure your from the Glade?
    I am so glad you can be with your babies while they are young. The parents take kids to the library and to the park In the Glade when you went to the park you played ball.

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