Here and There: A Pictorial Extravaganza

Lately we’ve spent much time here and there, doing this and that. You know, just like most other families. I realized that our family blog, my virtual scrapbook, has too many gaps from life of recent weeks, mainly April and May thus far, so here is a bit details on our journeys. Take a look at our pictorial extravaganza:

(side note—I had all the images cleverly arranged within the post but for some reason, formatting was not my friend and it all just ended up being a jumbled disaster, so you’ll have to appreciate them collectively.)
  • Cheered at our eldest son’s first adventures into sports

  • Celebrated a Baby shower for an old college roomie

  • Enjoyed “Jazz on the Lawn” at a local winery with friends

  • I took a pleasure trip, sans kids, to TX to see one of my very best friend’s baby for the very first time. I went without kids and enjoyed living life on a different schedule than I normally do (stay up late, eat late, sleep late!)

  • Thomas had a business trip to TX to make a major presentation to some pretty important people. He also toured the Alamo while there.

  • Thomas spent three days doing volunteer work right after devastating tornadoes hit Alabama (check out his new blog to read more…..and perhaps leave a comment letting him know you stopped in for a visit. He is a bit blog-obsessed at the moment; hook him up with hits and make him happy!)

  • Visited the zoo–twice! Once, with grandma and daddy, and a second time just with mommy (the perks of a family membership!

  • Gone fishing with Uncle Damien and fell in the mud by accident (poor Wesley was *really* angry about the whole matter)

  • Relished in a visit to the symphony, compliments of free boxed-seats tickets from a friend (it was simply a-mazing!)

  • Went to the park, colored on our bellies (Wesley at least!), ate picnic lunches in the yard, visited the library frequently, made crafts, played dress up with friends, picked flowers that we really shouldn’t have because Mommy would like them (thanks Daniel!), worked with tools, and other such mommy is home with us during the day type adventures.

What’s next, you ask? Well, right on the horizon is an out of town adventure to celebrate 8 years of marriage together! Here is a sneak peek:

My Mother’s Day

On Monther’s Day, I got to sleep in while Thomas took care of the kids. I usually get Sundays as my sleep in day and he usually gets Saturdays (and by sleep in we mean not wake up at or before 6AM with the kids). When I awoke, I found flowers in a vase sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor, complete with a card and a huge set of colored ink pens, which all made my heart happy. When I called the kiddos into the room, we all gathered on the bed while I opened my card, at which point I found an iTunes gift card!

We all went to church together and Daniel made me some sweet things in Sunday School. They also taught him to say please and thank you in sign language and then encouraged him to say “You are the best Mommy in the whole world!” all day long. It was so precious.

After church, we went to lunch out and met my Mother-in-Law to celebrate her.

After naps for the boys, we played outside and took it easy the rest of the day. It was really nice to stay low key. I feel like we have been on the go a lot lately, so keeping things simple for Easter and Mother’s Day was nice.

Looking at this simple photo of me and Wesley walking towards the swing set on Mother’s Day, I realize I am not really a mom to a baby anymore! I certainly refuse to call him 2 yet (we have about 2 more weeks until that happens!) even though Thomas always makes fun of me when I tell people he is 1 when they ask his age. I just don’t want him to be 2 until he is 2. I want to savor my 1 year old as long as I still can.

And, since you are dying to know, I am sure, here is a glimpse of some artists that are now on my ipod, thanks to the sweet gift card from my sons.

  • Sugarland
  • Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Florence + The Machine
  • J.J. Heller
  • Jamie Grace
  • Pink
  • The Black Eyed Peas
  • John Rich
  • Christina Perri
  • Lyndsay Taylor
  • Hot Chelle Rae

(plus I have enough for one more song!)

I am so pleased to be a mother, and I am thankful for my two boys. It is amazing to see my heart grow in ways I never imagined it could. Just when I think they are as cute as they can get, something even cuter and more memorable comes along. The pride I have in my children is fierce. I get so stinkin’ proud of my children, and the motherhood journey has only just begun. Whether it is reading some of his very first words or drawing an amazing photo, Daniel impresses me often and leaves me very aware of the fact he is an intelligent being that can solve problems in a way that will help many in the future. There is truly awe in the determination I see in Wesley, even at the age of 1, that tells me the boy is going to take on the world one day and make a difference. He will never be a quitter.

I feel blessed, even in the moments of frustration or exhaustion, that God has allowed me to be a mom– two times over.

What the UPS Man Saw

Last week, we experienced some unseasonably hot weather. It was, I believe, a record setting day last Wednesday, hitting 90 degrees in early May. The sun was high in the sky and very bright. Everyone was attempting to manage an adjustment to the sudden hot temps.

That particular day, my friend Alison’s baby, Benjamin, was going to come and spend a few hours with us while she attended a meeting. Right when Alison showed up to drop off her sweet son, she walked though our door and immediately said, “You look cute!” I thanked her and filled her in on the outfit of choice.

Photo Credit:

It was a stylish black one piece outfit that resembles a shirt being tucked into shorts, sorta like the picture to the left but shorts rather than a skirt. It is not generally my style, but my California livin’ brother, John, resides next to a girl that works in the fashion industry. Fortunately for me, she had tons of sample size clothing that she needed to rid her apartment of and she offered them to me. John brought them all to me in his suitcase as my Christmas gift and he even shipped me another box full. Who can complain about free designer clothes with tags still on them? Certainly not me. So, when this little one piece ensemble appeared in the mix, I was at least willing to give it a try. The black, soft material was oh so very comfortable, and I had actually worn it a few times around the house but never out of our home. It seemed suitable attire for the day, being that the weather was hot and shorts sounded nice and cool.

While Alison was away, the 3 boys and I played. We ate lunch and relaxed. When Ben’s mommy returned, she and I spent some time chatting. In the middle of our discussion, I saw the UPS truck coming to deliver a package, which I was expecting, so I stepped away from our conversation to go and meet the UPS man. I walked though our cool and dark garage, being that the door was already open, and decided to meet him halfway so that he did not have to walk as far. Stepping out of the air conditioned house, into the shaded garage, and finally into the full force mid-day sun, I literally wanted to gag due to the heat.

“Are you hot yet?” I said to the delivery man, “because I am really hot.” It was 90 degrees, so this small talk was relevant and accurate. He seemed to shy away from the conversation and did not really have much to give in the form of a reply. He said something like, “It is not too bad,” and he handed my package, punched some numbers on his hand held device, and waved goodbye as I chimed in with “Have a nice day!”

Back inside with Alison, we concluded our conversation and she and baby Ben headed home. My boys and I began the countdown until Daddy was home. In the meanwhile, we read some books and they were allowed to play a game on the computer. Finally, I decided that the sun was setting enough that we could go outside into our front yard and actually play in some shade provided by the trees.

The tee was set up and we played a few rounds of baseball until Thomas pulled into the driveway. Daniel and Wesley ran towards him and doled out big hugs. We resumed baseball for a little bit and then decided to all go back inside as a family to eat diner.

As I grabbed Wesley’s hand and began to walk towards the house, Thomas says, “Ummm, Summer. You can see straight through that outfit.”

“Seriously? No, you can’t, can you?” I say, completely astonished.

“Yeah, you can. Hold still and I will tell you what underwear you are wearing.”

His description was detailed……and correct. “You are also wearing a red bra,” he added.

Turns out, the Los Angeles freebie truly is see through when you stand in the blazing sun.

(Even the picture above can be seen through in certain spots. If only I had seen that image *before* I wore mine)

I then immediately go back to my conversation with the UPS man, and in sitcom mode, I began to replay the entire scene from his perspective.

Young woman walks toward UPS man, emerging from the dark shade of the garage into the direct sunlight, saying in a seductive voice, while wearing a see through outfit, “Are you hot yet? Because I am really hot.”

Yeah. I totally did that… least the words and the see through part, not so much the seductive part.

So, needless to say, I will not be greeting him to grab packages anytime soon. He will be leaving them by my garage door while I sit quietly inside.

From Easters Past

We recently enjoyed a nice Easter together as our family of 4. Generally, we meet with extended family to celebrate the day. This year, however, we just kept to ourselves, which was quiet and enjoyable. After going to church to celebrate the true reason for Easter,  we went out to eat. After food, we and came home and napped. It was a rainy day, actually full of storms, so it was nice to not travel as we normally would.

Before church, we set up Thomas’s tripod and attempted family photos. After reviewing the pics, I began to think of the picture from the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It is great to see our family grow and change, so I decided to go back and grab as many as I could find. I was able to come up with a good amount of photos, Easters 2011-2006. I remember what Thomas and I wore in 2005 for Easter (yeah, I know, that is weird) but I could not find a digital copy. I think my life was still film then! Anyway, I thought I would share with you what I could find, to officially chronicle Easters past.

And for the prize of coolest blog reader: Can you guess in which ones I was pregnant (there are two of them)? In which one I had a black eye, thanks to Daniel? Do you know which two photos were actually taken at the same home (all the others are at different places)?