A few days ago, the boys and I were sitting around my computer reading and viewing The Beginner’s Bible: The Very First Easter. I had gotten the download for free and being that it is the Easter season, I was using it to help present the message of Christ’s death and resurrection to my young ones in a way built for their learning.

Things were going well, and they were loving the bright pictures. Now, keep in mind this was on the computer, so I was clicking to turn each page, rather than physically turning a page. You did not have side by side views, so each page was a little more of a surprise as I clicked and had the new page pop up suddenly.

I clicked and the following image was the next surprise on the screen, and although it seems to be the cover of the book, we had not seen it due to the digital nature (and our actual image had this same idea but was not as populated with people. Think Jesus, donkey, and three palm wavers):

Wesley immediately points to Jesus and cheers happily, “Daddy!”to which I responded, “Umm. No, that is not Daddy. That is Jesus” while emitting a tiny chuckle. Thomas looks nothing like that.

Next, Wesley points directly to the donkey and said, in the form of an interrogative sentence, “Daddy?”

I now laughed uninhibited, saying, “No! That is not Daddy, you sweet silly boy.”

A few second later, I began to laugh even harder because it looks like, to Wesley, Thomas  is either the Savior of the world or an ass. :O)

Never a dull moment around here!


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