Baseball Firsts

Daniel: You were a super star today! We loved celebrating your first hit, your first run around the bases, and your first official time to “touch the ball” while playing your inaugural game of baseball. You make us proud. Even though you may not remember this fun day years from now, Momma and Daddy sure will, and we will reflect fondly upon your day of firsts! Good game, son.


7 thoughts on “Baseball Firsts

    • Kelley: We sorta wished we had done soccer over baseball because Daniel is all sorts of confused. He writes left handed so we got him a lefty glove, thinking he would want to throw with his left hand. He bats right though, so we really have no clue what side he should be on or what hand the throw with. In soccer, he just kicks and right or left does not really matter as much:O)! I hope to see pics of C when he plays his first game!

  1. He looks like a pro already! I hope you all will enjoy it together as much as our family did last yr. This yr we will try something new, those firsts are so much fun!

  2. Summer, Daniel is really growing up and he was so cute in the pictures. I’m left-handed also, but I do a lot of things right-handed. I had a problem using a glove because I used the glove on my right-hand but then had to take the glove off to throw with my right hand. I batted right-handed and bowl right-handed. If Daniel is like me, some things he will do right-handed but in the opposite direction of a right-handed person. Some times it is hard being left-handed. Karen

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