The boys and I have been having to find new places to visit and things to do since we’ve moved. I know very few people here, and of the ones I do there are even fewer that stay at home with kiddos, so we don’t have as much company. We’ve had to find replacement places for similar locations that we use to frequent before our move. Today, we explored a new park and found some family friendly hiking trails and a nice creek to throw rocks into for lots of splashes and laughs. Both boys began to fuss when I told them we had to hike back and return to our car, for it is true after all that “all good things must come to an end” at some point. I promised, however, that we would go back again. Days like today make my heart smile and rejoice in my husband’s hard work to help me stay home with my babies so that I do not miss moments of exploring with my wonderful boys.

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3 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Even though I wish I was one at home with my boys, I thank God that we are fortunate as well to live on just one income. I wish that more families could do so. I love the bond that my boys have with their dad. Your post makes me want to go hike today and we might just go. :)

  2. Oh-I wish we were living down there near you. How I’d love to take my kids and explore with you! Glad you’re been able to find some fun things to do with them though.

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