Awkward (and Funny) Photos

If you need to laugh out loud check out, which highlights awkward family photos. A friend clued me in on its hilariousness through one of her FB posts. My, oh my, how you will laugh. Here are a few that have brought me close to tears:

Bubble Girl

Awkward Babies

Thank God the cats are fat

A Loving Father

Proper Attire

The Wedge

While viewing these, I was reminded of one of my favorite photos from when I was little. I think it may be at my mom’s, so I will need to hunt it down so that I can share it.

I think part of the art of this “awkwardness” has been lost due to the digital nature of our photos today. I mean, now days we see it looks awful, so we delete it. Years past though, you just bought the pics or sent them to be printed without knowing what jewels might be included on the roll of film. Even though we *can* delete it, I think we should embrace any awkwardness that can be found. Agreed?


4 thoughts on “Awkward (and Funny) Photos

  1. Oh man… I will prob spend hours looking at these photos. I’m trying to think real hard about all the crazy pics we have at home. I know I hate one of Jon when he was a teenager. It’s a pic of him with his pants down to the ground (shorts under neith) eating a bag of Cheetos!

    • Well blame Jessica C when you waste too many hours. She is the whole reason I found the site! And you have to find that photo of Jon. It sounds perfect. I have a good photo of him myself that makes me smile when I think of it :O)

  2. Haha, Summer, with a household of kiddos you know there are stressful moments, but at least in those moments we have AFP to bring us back to a light-hearted laughter (and a sense of thankfulness…that those family pics aren’t our family pics!) Another addiction a friend got Chris started on and he in turn got me glued to is, check it out!

  3. ps on the main page is a center column with the tab “greatest hits”, those are where I found a few articles & funny pics, haven’t seen the whole site yet and not sure I need to. There are topics like “6 historical things people remember incorrectly” or something like that, articles on whacked out kid toys…lots of bizarre stuff.

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