A Chair of One’s Own

Yes, I know it is really “A Room of One’s Own” but in my current case, I am settling for a chair, as perfect for me chair.

You see, I am outnumbered 3 to 1. I have 3 males in my home to the one little female me. Right now, I am bigger than 2 of the 3 males, but I am sure I will blink and next week the boys will surpass me in size. It is only a matter of time.

I love them with every inch of my heart, I really do, but sometimes I need a little space for mommy. And mommy just happens to like bright and happy things, surrounded by comfort and natural light. Unfortunately, this rental home we are in for at least the next year is not as kind and generous with natural light as our old home. There are many factors to that fact, and nearly every single one is out of our control. I love our new place, yet I do desperately miss the blindless windows that offered pure sunshine during every phase of the day. Happiness abounded when I could steal a seat at our kitchen table and read the Word in a warm glow of sun. Even working on the laptop was better in bright circumstances.

So, when I was walking around a store the other day, kid free I might add, thanks to the hubs, I saw this sweet little chair and stopped to stare at it for a few minutes.

After liking it, I looked at the price tag. It was on clearance, which is about the only way I ever buy anything. While reading the clearance price, which was fabulous, I noticed the words “recliner.” That’s right, this little beauty reclines!

And it fits ME perfectly! See, I am generally too short for everything. Recliners and sofas hit me all in the wrong places. My feet dangle awkwardly, my head tilts forward rather than relaxing in the proper place, and I am never able to close a recliner without getting out of it and shoving it close with my hands. Take all those negatives and reverse them and you get how I am in this chair. My feet can touch the floor comfortably, my head can lean back and relax rather than be slightly shoved forward, and to recline, I just lean back and voilà, I am reclined. To put the chair back into the upright position, I just close it with my feet like most people!

I was in ♥ love. So, I immediately walked away.

Yeah, that’s how I roll. I went through the rest of the store and tried not to think about it. I took a second stroll in the direction of the chair. In a normal circumstance, I would have completely left the store and came back the next day, for I do not like to impulse buy, especially on something like a chair! But the deal was *so* good. And there was another lady looking at it! Fortunately, she was not local, just in town for business, so the chair would not have fit on the plane as a carry-on. She complimented the lines on the chair, the piping, and she “oohed” at the fact it was a recliner. We both commented on the cool feet of the chair in the back, which you can’t see in the picture. Curiously, she asked me “Why are you not getting it?!” I told her I was afraid of the color, for I live with BOYS mind you, who would most likely love to smear snot and dirty frog gut covered hands on it, and that is just referencing Thomas, not to mention Daniel and Wesley. Beige is not the color for a house of boys.

Then, she said the magical words, “Well, that chair looks made for you (at this point I was sitting in it again). You should make it your own.”

And that is just what I did. I bought it, obviously. I did not even go home and sleep on it. I bought it.

Now, this chair of my own, is not for the boys. It is for me. It sits right by our bedroom window, complete with my garage sale pillow sitting on it (even though it came with a pillow, I like my 25 cent one better). I have already sat in it to read my Bible and bask in the sun that comes though, even on an overcast and rainy day like today, when I took the pictures. I am typing this blog post in it now.

I’m sure you have a place or an item in your house that helps to lift your spirits. I think this is my new thing to do just that. It makes me smile, and now it is my very own!


Not As It Seems

I’ve had some life moments that appeared one way but were really not as they seemed, or sounded even. I have been getting quite a chuckle reflecting on them, so I figured I would let you laugh too.

I was on the phone with customer support. You know how those calls go, I am sure. Being that my actual phone call was going against the gain and was going well, I guess my kids figured one of them needed to change that fact.

Mid phone conversation, Wesley decided he was parched. 90% of the time, Wesley drinks milk, which he calls “No.” You read it right, “No.” I have no clue why. We actually first figured out what he was referencing when he simultaneously showed us the sign language for the word, which we had taught him when I began weaning him at about 14 months. So, when the boy is thirsty, you will hear “No. No. No” over and over. And even though it is an odd word for milk, he communicates what he wants, and what more are words than sounds for which we have a definition. Therefore, in our house, it works, but I am pretty certain no other households call milk “no,” which makes his request for it outside of our home or around other people odd.

No, No, Momma,” says Wesley, to which I begin to perform the phone on your shoulder, head cocked to the side, squat to lift the boy, all the while still working with customer service move. Wesley on my hip and my head still awkwardly balancing the phone on my shoulder, we go to the fridge in hopes of finding a sippy cup already filled and ready to go. No such luck. Wesley, now close to the phone, continues with his “No, No, No, Momma!”

Next, we go to the cabinet to get a new sippy cup to fill with milk, also known in the V Family household as “No.” Believe it or not, there is not a single one of Wesley’s cups in the cabinet, so the asking turns to begging. “Nooooooo. Nooooooo, Momma. Nooooo!”

And yes, I am still on the phone.

I decide that we will go and look for the sippy that I knew he had earlier in the morning. It had to be near the trains that Wesley and Daniel were playing with when I started the phone call. While walking from the kitchen to the living room, Wesley is bombarding me with cries of, you guessed it, “No. No. No. NO. NO. Noooooo, Momma.”

They boy simply has no patience. I wonder where he gets that from?

I am now convinced that the customer service rep has to believe that I am performing some sort or Medieval torture on my small child, causing him to beg and plead for mercy from my evil reign. After all, what would you think if you could hear a small boy crying out “No” a gazillion times?

Just my luck, I can not find the sippy anywhere. To solve the issue, I decided that Wesley will just have to drink out of Daniel’s stainless thermos that has a straw. That seems logical, right? Back to the cabinet we go.

The phone call is coming to a close, thankfully, even though I had had to ask her to repeat a few words due to them being lost amidst the “No!” wails. The rep and I are rounding out the final details just as I reopen the cabinet and grab Daniel’s cup for Wesley, which just sets Wesley off.

Nooooooooo! Momma, Noooooooo!!!! NOOOOO!” Except this time the No means No, not milk.

Go figure.

I’m so sorry but my little boy calls milk ‘no’ and I just can’t seem to find him a cup to get him some milk and now he is upset about it,” I say on the phone, while I emit a chuckle.

After the rep says “Oh, I see,” not so convincingly, she and I end the call.

I am sure after I hung up she made a note on my file to call DCS or something on me. But I promise, things are just not as they seem. No abuse, just a thirsty little boy!


As if Wesley had not done enough, this past Monday we went out in the morning to get some groceries. Both of the boys were in the cart and life was good. As we picked out some apples and put them in our reusable bags, I said to the boys “Daddy really likes this kind of apple,” to which Wesley replied in sweet and perky voice “Daddy!!!??” He began looking around the store, and I realized he was looking for Thomas. “Wesley,” I said, “Daddy is not here; he is at work today.” This did not go over well with Wesley, who was obviously wanting his dad, because he began to whine, “Daddyyyyy. Daddyyyyyy. Daddyyyy” over and over.

Times 1-15 were kinda cute. “Awww, he loves his Daddy and misses him so much,” I thought to myself.

Times 16-25 I quietly leaned over and whispered in his ear things like, “Daddy loves you Wesley but he is not here now, he is working. We will see him tonight” and “Don’t be sad Bubba. Daddy will be back tonight. He is not in the store but he will be home later.”

The words of encouragement and support were falling on deaf ears. Wesley is not backing down. He wants his Dad. “Daddy. Daddy, Momma. I wan Daddy. Daddyyyyyyy. Daddyyyyyyy!”

Times 26-35, I try to distract him. “Oh look Wesley, cheese. We like cheese, don’t we?” “Wow Bubba, look at that little girl. She looks nice doesn’t she.” Wesley is thoroughly unamused and unconvinced.


Times 36-46, I ignore him. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Daniel and I are about sick and tired of hearing Wesley repeat the same word over and over, especially being that Thomas is not around to solve the problem, nor will he be for several more hours.

Times 47-55 Daniel begins to console his brother, since I am seemingly ineffective. “Wesley, Daddy is not here. I am here. I will talk to you.” “I love you brother. Don’t be sad.” I had high hopes on this one, as did Daniel. Unfortunately, no dice. The cries remained.

“Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy Daddy.”

Times 56- 60 I look him straight in the eye and say sternly, “Wesley, It is OK. Daddy will be home later. Please stop crying and saying his name,” to which Wesley replies “DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

“I wan Daddy. DADDYYYYY!” wails Wesley.

Daniel, in a loud and exasperated voice, yells out, “WESLEY! WE DO NOT HAVE A DADDY. DON’T SAY HIS NAME. HE IS GONE!!!”

Ah, yes, yes he did.

And there is certainly nothing embarrassing about that is there?

I just wanted to look at everyone around me and explain it all a little better, or at least fill in the blanks of Daniel’s outburst: Yes. they do have a Daddy, who loves them very much. They have one; he is just not here right now. He is gone but by gone we mean at work.

That is what I wanted to say. But before I could even modify Daniel’s words or apologize to anyone around us, I realized that Wesley had stopped, and that was good enough for me. We were able to finish out our grocery shopping with no other issues, even if Daddy was not there to help.

Awkward (and Funny) Photos

If you need to laugh out loud check out http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com, which highlights awkward family photos. A friend clued me in on its hilariousness through one of her FB posts. My, oh my, how you will laugh. Here are a few that have brought me close to tears:

Bubble Girl

Awkward Babies

Thank God the cats are fat

A Loving Father

Proper Attire

The Wedge

While viewing these, I was reminded of one of my favorite photos from when I was little. I think it may be at my mom’s, so I will need to hunt it down so that I can share it.

I think part of the art of this “awkwardness” has been lost due to the digital nature of our photos today. I mean, now days we see it looks awful, so we delete it. Years past though, you just bought the pics or sent them to be printed without knowing what jewels might be included on the roll of film. Even though we *can* delete it, I think we should embrace any awkwardness that can be found. Agreed?

What’s Not To Love?

Last night, in the silence after the kids were asleep and Thomas and I were in bed prepping to do the same, I just randomly asked Thomas, “What do you love about Daniel and Wesley?” So, we just both rattled off some of the things close to our heart that we love about our kids.

For Daniel, I mentioned that I loved that he was so genuine. He truly gets excited about the little things. The random stickers our friends sent in the mail, the $1 his Grandmama gave him for Valentine’s Day, the cards that come with this birthday gifts, or the request to go outside and play being granted all cause him to react in a honest and excited way that is just hard to replicate in adults. I hope he never outgrows the love for the simple things.






Thomas noted that Daniel has a great sense of humor. He seriously tells the best knock-knock jokes. They make no sense whatsoever but he loves telling them. “Knock-Knock.” “Who’s there” “America Flag” “America Flag who?” “America Flag wiggle, wiggle, wag in the wiiiinnnnnnddd!” I mean, how can you not laugh at that?


I also said I love how he sometimes talks like an adult. To see him walk up to an adult, shake his hand, and introduce himself, “Hi, my name is Daniel; I four!” is great. Hearing him parrot back things I say to him, correctly and in context, is such a hoot, especially when I hear him parent Wesley “No, no Wesley. We do not touch that.” We are working on obedience, specifically first time obedience, and the other day Daniel asked me to do something, which I did not do right away. He came over to me, grabbed my hand, and said, “Momma, look at me. I need obedience now please.” Such adult talk! I tried to explain that mommies and daddies do not have to have the same obedience as children do to their parents between my chuckles at his sweetness.


For Wesley, we both mentioned things that were associated with his talking. It is so awesome to hear him communicate. I feel his vocabulary is better than Daniel’s was at this age, but that could just be I can’t really remember. He is, for sure, more animated in his speaking, which is more specifically where Thomas’s love was placed. I just wish you could hear him say “Nawwwhhhh!” Cracks us up!


Secondly, Thomas mentioned his love for Wesley’s faces. This is no doubt a lovable feature. He has a plethora of faces that he has made since birth. I have so many photos where he has just the most humorous face that makes you just wish you could get inside his head and know what he was thinking. Now days, he gets a little deliberate in his face making.¬† If you pull out a camera, he will make some crazy face, goofy grin, silly nose squish or something of the like. Immediately after the photo is taken, he squeals out, “I see! I see!” which is then followed by “Awwwhhhh!” It is actually really hard to catch a normal smile from him now days. Here is some more proof from this past month, with a final photo of a more normal smile:













So, if you have kids, in the quietness of your day, just take some time to rattle off a few random things that you love about them. Heck, even if you don’t just rattle off the things you love about anyone! I promise it will be heart-warming!