Always Good for a Laugh

I have a little story to record about my sweet Daniel. It may not be worth much, but it is certainly worth a laugh. I told it at a recent college friend’s wedding and everyone seemed to like it there, so why not share it with you all here?

Thomas has been working with Daniel on pointing with the correct finger. Daniel has this tendency to point with only his middle finger. “Hey! Look at that!” is accompanied with a middle finger point towards the object. I really have not taken much notice of this, but the hubby has and kindly asks, “Daniel, what finger do we point with?” when Daniel uses his middle finger. The boy usually says, “Oh, sorry! I forgot!” and then transitions to the pointer finger. Again, I did not really see him using his middle finger as a big issue, so I have not been supporting Thomas as I should during my days at home with the boys in his ambition of finger pointing correction. Recently though, I have found a good reason to join in on the goal.

After at enjoying some yummy food and playtime at Chick-fil-a, it was time for the boys and me to head home. Puffy coats on us all, purse on my shoulder, Wesley on my hip, toddler bag in my hand, I realized I was short on space to carry out my cup from the restaurant, and I was not about to waste my sweet tea. If you have had it, you understand. Fortunate for me, Daniel chimes in with a quick “I want to help, momma!” and my problem was solved.

Being a little guy, his single hand could not grip the cup like an adult’s, so he just decided to sorta hug the cup into his chest, resting it between there and the crook of his arm. Solid decision. Next, we begin to journey out towards the car.

We get to the end of the sidewalk and pause for the oncoming car, which in turn decides to pause for us. “Come on Daniel; she is letting us cross,” I say. The car was only a few feet away, so off we went. I open up the door to the car, so as to place Wesley in his car seat, and I realize Daniel is not right by my side as he should be.

Quickly turning around, I see Daniel. He is standing right in front of the big vehicle, cup still tightly in the grip of his one arm while his free hand is moving up and down, up and down, up and down in the direction of the driver. He is kindly giving the lady behind the wheel the middle finger, over and over.

After seeing his repeated flipping off of the driver, I yell out, “Daniel! What are you doing? Come here, please!” all the while trying not to laugh so hard I pee my pants. “Momma, I was just telling her that she could go that way when we crossed. I was showing her the direction.”

Upon bucking him in his car seat, I reminded him of what finger we point with, along with the fact we never stop in the middle of the road when we are suppose to be walking across it (a side lesson I guess). In typical fashion, Daniel replies with “Oh, sorry! I forgot!”

Fortunately, I think she was yacking away on her cell phone to realize that she was receiving such a greeting from a newly turned 4 year old. :O)

Ahhh, kids. Always good for a laugh, right?


4 thoughts on “Always Good for a Laugh

  1. Oh wow! That is SO funny! I seriously starting laughing out loud sitting here by myself in a quite house – the cats thought I was nuts!

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