Recent House Guests

We’ve had a good share of house guests lately, with some being good and some bad. I’ll let you meet them in order of their appearance.

First, I got the flu. That’s right, the flu, as in influenza. The sickness came the night of our Valentine’s date. The hubs and I date swapped with some friends, where they would watch our boys the day before V-day and then we would watch their boy the day after. Thomas and I had a great date, eating at a local restaurant and listening to some of our favorite songs as we drove around town, feeling young and in love. While on the date, an annoying cough was beginning to appear. I felt fine in a general sense (see how young and healthy I look in our date night photo!) but the cough was a bit distressing, and I assumed that after my cold morning run that day before church, I was welcoming myself a case of bronchitis. That night, I slept poorly and felt as if I was freezing the whole time. Monday, which was actually Valentine’s Day, we lived life as usual, with Thomas going to work and me caring for the boys, but I began to get very achy. Upon Thomas arriving home from work, we all went out as a family to run an errand, and it was at that point I began to crash. As we pulled into the driveway at 6:30, I told Thomas I had to sleep and he would need to put the kids to bed. That night was horrible. I tossed and turned, coughed and shook, shivered and whined. I actually even had a “fever dream” where I talked out in my sleep. Thomas was not yet in bed and came in to care for me. I told him to find out the exact moment that the doctor opened so that I could be there. After taking my temperature, we saw it was over 102.

That morning, Thomas called out of work so he could be home. We had some miscommunication and he thought I had said I would drive myself to the doctor. When I noticed he was not getting the kids in the car, I almost cried because the thought of operating heavy machinery in my condition seemed impossible. So, he scrambled to get the kids ready quickly. Thomas told Daniel to go up and get his clothes on, which resulted in Daniel wearing dress pants and a red shirt with a Christmas Tree and a bear donning a Santa hat on it. Everyone fully clothed, plus a blanket covering myself, we got in the car and took off.

While waiting to be seen, I think I hit the peak of my sickness, and I felt the worst I have ever felt in my life. When I told that to Thomas, he asked, “Even worse than when you broke your leg in 3 places?” to which I quickly responded “Yes” because every inch of me hurt, internally and externally. At least with the leg it was contained to one part of my body. All I wanted to do was put myself on the floor of the office in order to sleep, and possibly cry.

After they stuck a stick up my nose for a swab, I was told I had type A flu. I also had near a 103 fever. I was given a script for tamaflu, and even though I generally like avoid taking a medicine, I was a the point of doing anything to feel better. In fact, had the doctor told me the best way to combat the illness was to bite the head off a live cobra using only my left incisor, I would have done it.

About 3 hours after the meds were taken, I felt less awful. It actually took me nearly a full week to feel almost normal, and Thomas had to take the rest of the week off work to care for me and the kids. He’s such a super dad, for I seriously did nothing but sleep. Thomas said I was like an infant because I would wake, look around for about an hour, and then fall back to sleep. The boys did a decent job of letting me rest. Daniel could comprehend and see that I was sick but Wesley could not. A few times, Wesley just came in and cried “Momma….” and would cuddle up with his head on my chest while he patted my hair. I could tell me missed me, and I missed them, but I just could not do much. At least the boys made me a great breakfast in bed, placing it conveniently near my glass of water. Such sweet ones they are.

I can now see why the flu killed millions of people when the 1918 pandemic hit. I don’t wish the flu on anyone. And even though I am young, healthy, active, and not in the workplace around possible sick people, I will be getting the flu shot next year, for everyone else but me in my family had the shot, and none of them were graced with this awful guest!

Our second round of visitors were much better. We did have to postpone due to my flu, but finally we had dinner with our out of town friends. Jeff and Rachel are an amazing couple that are preparing to welcome their baby, Eden, into the world soon. Jeff has known us before we were even an us! And I lived in the same dorm with Rachel before she and Jeff even knew one another, so there is much to recall and reflect upon when we are together. We just spent time eating dinner that I made for us (gluten free!), playing with the kids, laughing, catching up, sharing parenting thoughts, and enjoying the company, for it had been too long since our last fun night together. They are such Godly, thoughtful, creative, and energetic friends that seek to find out more about you, not just talk about themselves. Thomas and I can’t wait to see them share all that awesomeness with their first child!

Next, friends that we met when we lived in this city the first time, that had also moved away, came back to check on some rental properties that they still own in our town. They were planning on spending a few days completing tasks and needed a place to stay. Being that we have enough space, I told my friend Erin that she, her husband Dan, and her kids, Caroline and Daniel, were more than welcome to stay with us. For three nights we had house guests and my boys had new live-in playmates. It was fun telling Daniel to do something and seeing both boys respond.  We resorted to calling them by their last names too, or first and middle names, but often just Daniel came out, so both boys reacted. One morning I watched all 4 kids while Thomas worked and Dan and Erin took care of business. I had such a loud and active house. It was so much fun! During their stay, the kids threw balls, drew pictures, stuck stickers, fought over toys, played with the toy kitchen, swang on the swingset, cruised around on scooters and bikes, watched a movie, read books, and so much more. It was really a fun time. It was great as well to catch up with a sweet friend, not to mention get to meet her daughter for the first time! I appreciated getting to know her husband more too, being that he was a deployed solider for over half of the time she and I taught together and lived near one another.  Daniel does not really understand that his buddy, does not live close and will not be able to come over tomorrow too. We vowed to begin a sticker exchange in the mail, being that they played with stickers so much, so maybe that will help him cope.








Finally, we had an old friend, that we knew from our first round living here, randomly come over for dinner. I had began our lunch before church, thanks to the crock-pot, so when we ran into Chad at church, we had to deny his request to go out to eat, but that meant he could come and join us at our home. He totally went with the flow and listened to Daniel’s stories and acted very impressed by the shoes Wesley showed him. Being that when we knew him first we did not have any kids, he jumped right in and acted like he’s known them forever. We had a yummy lunch and had some quiet conversation afterward, once the kiddos went to sleep for naps. I did not truly take a picture of Chad, not even a crummy cell phone photo like I did with Jeff and Rachel, but I did not want him pictureless, so I present to you a photo from about 6 years ago, when we knew him first. He’s still just as Godly, happy, geeky, funny, and lovable as he was before, so why should an old pic not do the trick?

That about does it for our house guests. Maybe that will explain the absence of blog posts here the past bit.

I hope all of you are well, and if you are ever out our way, you are welcome to visit and be added to the visitors list! Who knows, I might even blog about you too! I am pretty sure it will be kind, unless you are the flu, then I will have only awful things to say about you :O)


Always Good for a Laugh

I have a little story to record about my sweet Daniel. It may not be worth much, but it is certainly worth a laugh. I told it at a recent college friend’s wedding and everyone seemed to like it there, so why not share it with you all here?

Thomas has been working with Daniel on pointing with the correct finger. Daniel has this tendency to point with only his middle finger. “Hey! Look at that!” is accompanied with a middle finger point towards the object. I really have not taken much notice of this, but the hubby has and kindly asks, “Daniel, what finger do we point with?” when Daniel uses his middle finger. The boy usually says, “Oh, sorry! I forgot!” and then transitions to the pointer finger. Again, I did not really see him using his middle finger as a big issue, so I have not been supporting Thomas as I should during my days at home with the boys in his ambition of finger pointing correction. Recently though, I have found a good reason to join in on the goal.

After at enjoying some yummy food and playtime at Chick-fil-a, it was time for the boys and me to head home. Puffy coats on us all, purse on my shoulder, Wesley on my hip, toddler bag in my hand, I realized I was short on space to carry out my cup from the restaurant, and I was not about to waste my sweet tea. If you have had it, you understand. Fortunate for me, Daniel chimes in with a quick “I want to help, momma!” and my problem was solved.

Being a little guy, his single hand could not grip the cup like an adult’s, so he just decided to sorta hug the cup into his chest, resting it between there and the crook of his arm. Solid decision. Next, we begin to journey out towards the car.

We get to the end of the sidewalk and pause for the oncoming car, which in turn decides to pause for us. “Come on Daniel; she is letting us cross,” I say. The car was only a few feet away, so off we went. I open up the door to the car, so as to place Wesley in his car seat, and I realize Daniel is not right by my side as he should be.

Quickly turning around, I see Daniel. He is standing right in front of the big vehicle, cup still tightly in the grip of his one arm while his free hand is moving up and down, up and down, up and down in the direction of the driver. He is kindly giving the lady behind the wheel the middle finger, over and over.

After seeing his repeated flipping off of the driver, I yell out, “Daniel! What are you doing? Come here, please!” all the while trying not to laugh so hard I pee my pants. “Momma, I was just telling her that she could go that way when we crossed. I was showing her the direction.”

Upon bucking him in his car seat, I reminded him of what finger we point with, along with the fact we never stop in the middle of the road when we are suppose to be walking across it (a side lesson I guess). In typical fashion, Daniel replies with “Oh, sorry! I forgot!”

Fortunately, I think she was yacking away on her cell phone to realize that she was receiving such a greeting from a newly turned 4 year old. :O)

Ahhh, kids. Always good for a laugh, right?

Every Season

We’ve had more than our average allotment of winter weather this year, including another dose yesterday. I am ready for the snow to pass and the sandal weather to commence. It has been enjoyable playing, building snowmen and snow-castles, eating icicles, and general cold weather things of the like but the time has come for Old Man Winter to leave, if you ask me. With a bit of disgust for the snow, I am trying to remind myself that the seasons are just another way that God shows His beauty and power. There is a Nichole Nordeman song that was sang at our wedding, appropriately titled “Every Season,” that resonates with me as I begin to see the changes in weather or crave for the next season to emerge, in my physical or emotional surroundings. The lyrics are beautiful and powerful, connecting the physical world with our spiritual world.  Ahh, yes, “Every Season.” Now bring on some warmth Lord!