“Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day…”

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4 thoughts on ““Just A Day, Just An Ordinary Day…”

  1. I miss those itty bitty ordinary days! What I can’t figure out is how neat everything still looks! You must have “the gift” (which means the ability to have kids and still have a neat looking home)! Love the Ladies Man stuffed animal! LOL

    • Ha! No, “the gift” is not completely mine. I just get stressed out by disorganization and clutter, so most days we try to pick up as the day goes along. Being we just moved, life is still sorta hectic but I managed to get the boys’ rooms together quickly.

      And the Ladies Man Baby is one that my Grandmother made! Before she died, she told Daniel to go where all the stuffed animals were and pick one out to keep (there were tons she didn’t make too). That was the one Daniel grabbed first. He calls it his “Daniel puppet” because he calls all stuffed animals puppets, for some reason.

  2. We have the same Ladies Man shirt. My sister-in-law passed it along to us. I love the Melissa and Doug birthday cake set too. Everyday, when I get home, Liam shows me the birthday cake that he has made me with that set. He adds his alphabet blocks to the base of it, so I get a three tiered cake. So cute.

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