Risk Assessment

I was on Facebook the other night, just looking. I noticed a status update from a high school friend who happens to be about 37 weeks pregnant. She was lamenting the conundrum that is of shaving legs while that pregnant. There were, of course, some laughs and some suggestions as replies to her status. One person kindly suggested Nair, a hair removal product. The pregnant lady retorted that she does not want to use something like that, which contains chemicals. There was also something similar to the following included: “…besides, if the baby is not here before Christmas, I am being induced that following Monday, so I do not have too much longer to wait.”

Now, that might not strike you in any way, but it does me. See, the girl did not want to take the risk of some sort of hair removal substance but she has no qualms at all about being induced, which has certainly put more lives at risk and in danger than Nair. I am not saying one is right and the other is wrong, I am just noting the risk involved and that she has made a choice, whether conscious or not, of what is a valid risk to her. Nair? No way! Drugs to induce and speed labor? Sure!

So, this got me thinking, for this sort of risk assessment and decision occurs all the time. I am willing, for example, to occasionally drink a coke product, complete with risky high fructose corn syrup, while I am in no way going to take the risk of driving my car without wearing a seat belt. Both have respective dangers, and I have chosen which I assume to be  worth the risk and which I have not.

Another example, just in case you need it: I know some people who are very opposed to formula. They do not like the artificial ingredients, and they do not think the convenience of that substance is worth the risk of consuming what is in the powder. Although I would warrant this a valid assessment on some levels, you will never see me make the choice to take my child out of his car seat, while traveling down the road, in order to breastfeed and avoid formula; it is not worth the risk of a wreck, endangering my child’s very life. I would stop for a nursing session, plan ahead with pumped milk, or give in to the powder. Some, however, see no risk involved in a mobile milk consumption. They weigh the safety of the breast above the safety of a car seat and the convenience of nursing on the road, without having to stop, over the convenience of the formula.

Let’s go for one more example, okay? How about one of faith? Let’s say that this thing called Christmas is really nothing more than the counter celebration to the winter solstice. There was no manger and certainly no baby. The star that shone so bright was just a fluke of the universe and we humans are just here by happenstance. Jesus was just a nice guy. When we die, we die…..or perhaps we are reincarnated into something less spectacular, like a cricket. Time just ends and there is nothing more to know. The story ends.

However, what if all that is wrong? What if there is more? What if there truly was a baby, the son of God, that was born of a miraculous conception? When we die, there is an afterlife of two destinations, one of joy and peace and another of pain and want. Let’s say we are created in the image of God, fashioned in His likeness, and the thing we call luck is really God’s divine intervention. What if the reason of the season really is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Lord God Almighty, that wants a personal relationship with us, in order to save us from an eternity of damnation and a lifetime of loneliness?

Maybe the first scenario is right; there is no God and certainly no Jesus.  Maybe you’ve chosen to  deny the existence of a creator and settle for whatever may come in the after life.

Maybe that’s right…..maybe.

Or maybe not.

Is that a risk that you are really willing to take?


5 thoughts on “Risk Assessment

    • Well it is more while someone else is driving the car…..but the answer is yes. Once, while pregnant with Daniel, I saw a grandmother in the backseat holding the baby in her lap while feeding it a bottle. Crazy!

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