Miscellany on Monday

There are a bunch of random things I have felt like adding to the blog in order to update you on our life of late, so I figured a big miscellaneous post from the past month would do the trick.

We’ve been crafty, making a super fun caterpillar, a peek-a-boo house, some Christmas ornaments, and things of the like:

We’ve played in the snow (there was more than the picture shows……we just waited until 3PM to get out and play in it)

We’ve enjoyed the wedding of a sweet friend (this is a pose that we do at all the weddings for those that are from our group of college friends)

I’ve loved on the double portion that was given to my dear friends:



We’ve been to see the Veggie Tales:



We celebrated Thanksgiving:











We had a pipe burst in the house:

We’ve celebrated several birthdays, I ran a marathon, we’ve had two Christmas functions/parties, and so much more! But at least you now know some of what has been keeping us busy, just in case you cared. :o)


One thought on “Miscellany on Monday

  1. So glad you posted the pic from Julie’s wedding. Fun to see all the Wesley folk.
    Sounds like a busy month. I want to hear about this pipe bursting. Bet that was an adventure.

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