Turning 4, Mickey Mouse Style

As I showed you in the sneak peek, Daniel had himself a little Mickey Mouse party. To say it was fun for us as parents would be an understatement. It was such a wonderful time. I just love celebrating my children and their life on this earth!

We opted for  a Mickey Mouse celebration due to one of my favorite stores having the MM party supplies on clearance. It was a starting place and we just added fun items from there. I will say that having a trademarked character as our theme was harder to obtain cheap and cute items for than our general pirate theme last year. One good thing, however, about a MM theme party is that you can pretty much just make 3 black circles and you are spot on for additional decorations (see the MM 4 sign that I made using black paper plates). I, with limited ability to cut straight and write straight, was able to make things work well, along with the additional help of the hubby!

For starters, Mousketeers were given mouse ears made out of a stiff felt and hot glued to headbands. Girls were given ones with bows! This was an extremely more frugal way to obtain MM ears, I am sure, for the headbands came in a pack of 5 for a buck and the felt was 32 cents a sheet, of which I bought 3. After I told him what to do, Thomas actually made them the night before our celebration. It was that easy!

I kept in mind things that Daniel would love to have at his party, so we had a popcorn station. Everyone seemed to love this idea, for there was not a piece left at the end of the party. I let adult party-goers take home a popcorn tub. These were located in a dollar clearance section, so they were a frugal addition that made a huge improvement over just having all the popcorn stashed in a big bowl. That *huge* balloon was found on sale for 2 dollars. I did have to pay to get helium from our local grocery story, which was also 2 bucks, but the added price was still cheaper than they generally run anywhere else.

If your children have ever watched an episode of MM or read a new MM book, you must be aware of the “Toodles” that helps the Mousketeers accomplish a mission. Thomas and I, again the night before, created a Toodles and thought out some Mousektools for the kids to use to help solve the problem of the missing gifts. It was such a fun time running around outside watching Daniel and his friends gain back control of his gifts, even from the grasp of a giant monster!

Opening presents was such a special time, for my little boy showed how sweet his heart truly is. He became just as excited about his “mail” as he did any gift he received. What 4 year old enjoys cards so much? He also would smile and laugh about the gift, and then, when told who actually gave it to him, he thought we were saying it was their gift, not his, so he would say “Oh sorry!” and try to give it back to the person, never losing his smile. In fact, he had been given a gift the day before his party by a family friend and when we woke up on his party day, we asked him if he was excited about gifts. His reply was “I already got my gift yesterday! I only need one.” He even told my brother, when he was questioning him about what he wanted for his birthday, that he “had plenty of toys” and did not need any more. We did *not* tell him to say that. In fact, I think all kids should get to open gifts on their birthday, and I do not like when parents say not to bring gifts to their child’s party. Keep it cheap, certainly! Not have any? NO way! Alas, he has such a good spirit and he spoke his heart and acted so kind.(take note of Daniel with the only gift he has ever requested, of which he has been requesting when asked about his birthday: “the biggest gun ever”)

The MM cookies were yummy, even if they were a bit exhausting for Mommy to make! The company was even better, and I am so glad that our friends and family made time to come and celebrate with us. Just look at all the fun we had:

I am so proud of my little boy making it another year, and I pray God grants him many, many, many more birthdays to come!


4 thoughts on “Turning 4, Mickey Mouse Style

  1. Aww–Happy Birthday, Daniel! What a fun party!! I LOVE all of the MM headband things too. So cute. Hope he liked ALL his presents and enjoyed his special day.

  2. Loved the Headbands! What a wonderful day! I miss planning those little birthdays – where we try to make it as magical as possible – and succed because at that age is such a believing age! Whoever thought that being a mommy meant being a party planner!

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