Penguin and Popcorn 2010

As I told you here and here, my first born wanted to be popcorn for Halloween. After saying time and time again that he wanted to be popcorn, we figured it high time to oblige him. Then, Halloween day, he comes home from church and says he wants to be a tower. We managed to convince him back to being popcorn, and while Daniel was sleeping, Daddy got to work and made the costume. Little Wesley, having no opinion–or at least no way to express one–wore a penguin costume that I bought him last year for crazy cheap after the 31st.


And, for the record, this following picture contains what has to unequivocally be the cutest penguin and box of popcorn ever, not to mention the best husband in the world.


5 thoughts on “Penguin and Popcorn 2010

  1. I LOVE the popcorn costume! What a creative little Daniel :o) Also, Wesley does make quite the adorable little penguin, and I agree with Kelley, you look beautiful in that picture!

    • Megan: Thanks for the kind words! I actually did not edit the pictures above in any way. It is just Thomas’s nice camera, which helps take better photos (Nikon D50). They are costly but worth every single cent in my opinion.

      I now want to see MnKenzie as a penguin! :O)

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