Eating Breakfast

Daniel makes eating breakfast look simply too cool. Agree?.


Pride Comes Before the Fall

My kids were being angels. Seriously, they were such joys as we walked through Target, searching the clearances and adding items from our list into the cart. As I pushed both my boys down the aisle in the red cart, we played fun games. “Wesley, where is your mouth?” I would say as my little boy, grinning ear to ear, would point to his mouth.  After saying “Where are Wesley’s hands?” the little guy threw his hands into the air with pleasure. “Oh my, what a smart little one I have!” flowed through my mind.

Daniel, as we migrated through the toy department, just enjoying the items, never asked to take one home. Sweet boy never does. When other mommies and daddies had their cart in our way, Daniel would ever so politely say, “Excuse me, please.” Such wonderful manners he has. “What great parents we are to teach him to be so kind,” I thought to myself.

When we went to the line to purchase our items, Daniel placed the items gently on the conveyor belt and told the cashier “Thank you, mam'” after we paid. Wesley merrily waved bye-bye to everyone in the store and his kindness made my heart glow.

While journeying to the car, Daniel kept saying, “Look for 111 Wesley. Look for 111.” I was uncertain what Daniel was referencing, but right when we got to the car, Daniel cheered, “There it is! 111! We made it Wesley!” as he pointed to our license plate. Wow, what an observant little boy I have! Never once have I pointed out the numbers on our license plate. He discovered that all on his own.  Mentally I said, “My son is so smart!”

As I parked the buggy onto the car, Daniel began to show his great imagination. “I’m the strongest boy in the world! I can move the car!” he said, while pushing himself off the car with his hands, moving the cart an inch from the car’s body. “Wow! You are the strongest boy ever!” I said, while praising his ability to make almost anything fun and my parenting skills that always encourage that quality in him.

I unbuckled Wesley from the seat of the shopping cart and began to move him into his car seat while Daniel continued to cheer and shout and play like he was a super hero. Wesley leaned into me and gave me a big ol’ hug. Such a wonderful day.

While buckling little man into the car, I could still hear Daniel role playing as super hero, albeit a little muffled. Suddenly, I hear “Help! Help me! Momma, help! I’m going away!!!”

Turns out, the strongest boy ever had pushed himself off of our car and into the the parking lot in a free style float through the parking lot! I, the best parent ever, now took off running after him. Fortunately, about 5 parking spots down from our vehicle, a huge extended cab truck, which I despise, despite their overwhelming popularity in my area, was sticking out far enough to stop his commute.

I scooped my precious one out of the cart and gave him a huge hug and kiss while two ladies 5 parking spots up form our car on the opposite side, hollered out to check on him. Upon seeing he was safe, they cracked up in laughter, and so did I. They relayed to me the look on his face and the fact they wish they had owned a camera at that point to record him rolling away. Both middle aged ladies told me, between laughs, that they saw him rolling and knew there was no way they could run and catch him but fortunately they could tell the truck was going to stop him.

I, the once best parent in the world, now felt like a complete goof. I tucked Daniel safely into his car seat and then went back to check on the status of the massive truck that perhaps saved my son from major harm. No damage to the paint, so all was well.

When I returned, Daniel was telling Wesley all about his mini-adventure while I peeled a banana for each child.

:o) Oh my, what a great parent I am, huh? I guess pride (and Target! since we have a great history and all) comes before the fall!

Proverbs 16:18 (The Message)
18 First pride, then the crash—
the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.


Turning 4, Mickey Mouse Style

As I showed you in the sneak peek, Daniel had himself a little Mickey Mouse party. To say it was fun for us as parents would be an understatement. It was such a wonderful time. I just love celebrating my children and their life on this earth!

We opted for  a Mickey Mouse celebration due to one of my favorite stores having the MM party supplies on clearance. It was a starting place and we just added fun items from there. I will say that having a trademarked character as our theme was harder to obtain cheap and cute items for than our general pirate theme last year. One good thing, however, about a MM theme party is that you can pretty much just make 3 black circles and you are spot on for additional decorations (see the MM 4 sign that I made using black paper plates). I, with limited ability to cut straight and write straight, was able to make things work well, along with the additional help of the hubby!

For starters, Mousketeers were given mouse ears made out of a stiff felt and hot glued to headbands. Girls were given ones with bows! This was an extremely more frugal way to obtain MM ears, I am sure, for the headbands came in a pack of 5 for a buck and the felt was 32 cents a sheet, of which I bought 3. After I told him what to do, Thomas actually made them the night before our celebration. It was that easy!

I kept in mind things that Daniel would love to have at his party, so we had a popcorn station. Everyone seemed to love this idea, for there was not a piece left at the end of the party. I let adult party-goers take home a popcorn tub. These were located in a dollar clearance section, so they were a frugal addition that made a huge improvement over just having all the popcorn stashed in a big bowl. That *huge* balloon was found on sale for 2 dollars. I did have to pay to get helium from our local grocery story, which was also 2 bucks, but the added price was still cheaper than they generally run anywhere else.

If your children have ever watched an episode of MM or read a new MM book, you must be aware of the “Toodles” that helps the Mousketeers accomplish a mission. Thomas and I, again the night before, created a Toodles and thought out some Mousektools for the kids to use to help solve the problem of the missing gifts. It was such a fun time running around outside watching Daniel and his friends gain back control of his gifts, even from the grasp of a giant monster!

Opening presents was such a special time, for my little boy showed how sweet his heart truly is. He became just as excited about his “mail” as he did any gift he received. What 4 year old enjoys cards so much? He also would smile and laugh about the gift, and then, when told who actually gave it to him, he thought we were saying it was their gift, not his, so he would say “Oh sorry!” and try to give it back to the person, never losing his smile. In fact, he had been given a gift the day before his party by a family friend and when we woke up on his party day, we asked him if he was excited about gifts. His reply was “I already got my gift yesterday! I only need one.” He even told my brother, when he was questioning him about what he wanted for his birthday, that he “had plenty of toys” and did not need any more. We did *not* tell him to say that. In fact, I think all kids should get to open gifts on their birthday, and I do not like when parents say not to bring gifts to their child’s party. Keep it cheap, certainly! Not have any? NO way! Alas, he has such a good spirit and he spoke his heart and acted so kind.(take note of Daniel with the only gift he has ever requested, of which he has been requesting when asked about his birthday: “the biggest gun ever”)

The MM cookies were yummy, even if they were a bit exhausting for Mommy to make! The company was even better, and I am so glad that our friends and family made time to come and celebrate with us. Just look at all the fun we had:

I am so proud of my little boy making it another year, and I pray God grants him many, many, many more birthdays to come!

A Sneak Peek

A special little boy I know is turning 4 and will be having a fun celebration. And just like last year, here is a hint, and a sneak peek, into Daniel’s big day:

Something tells me we’re going to have a “hot-dog, hot-dog, hot-diggity dog” day. I can not wait! I promise to update you after the big event, too. I wonder if it will be as much of a hit as our #3 pirate party?


While over at my sister-in-law’s house a few weeks back, I was using her laptop while she showed me how to use a new program. When we were done, I decided to stay on her laptop and explore pictures. I came across these images of Thomas with his grandfather, Paw-Paw, that were scanned in order to create the slide show for the funeral home.

I love the cuteness of my husband as a young boy, and seeing him loving on his grandfather is priceless. Looking at the pictures also makes me reflect on how much my boys resemble their Daddy and how my boys will one day be men, wonderful men, just like their Father. I can see the inquisitive nature of Daniel clearly in the first image, along with the sleeping innocence of Wesley, complete with his hair in the front swooped to the side, in the second. What a blessing to have these precious moments captured, for future reflection.

Penguin and Popcorn 2010

As I told you here and here, my first born wanted to be popcorn for Halloween. After saying time and time again that he wanted to be popcorn, we figured it high time to oblige him. Then, Halloween day, he comes home from church and says he wants to be a tower. We managed to convince him back to being popcorn, and while Daniel was sleeping, Daddy got to work and made the costume. Little Wesley, having no opinion–or at least no way to express one–wore a penguin costume that I bought him last year for crazy cheap after the 31st.


And, for the record, this following picture contains what has to unequivocally be the cutest penguin and box of popcorn ever, not to mention the best husband in the world.