The Calculator Story

I’ve mentioned before how the kids can be a major distraction in the car. Being that they sit right next to one another in their car seats, they have ample opportunity to annoy one another, touch each other, take items from one another, or any combination of the like.

Today, Wesley was holding a calculator that I had given him to play with. It was not on but Wesley was pretty content to just push the buttons. Daniel decided that Wesley needed to have the calculator turned on so that he could see a product from all the buttons he was pushing. He reached over and tried to grab the calculator form his little brother. The next thing I know, Wesley is emitting squeals and shrieks that dogs within a mile range must have heard and made humans within close proximity have blood ooze out of their ears. He spliced in a few “No! No! No!” rants to Daniel, which then made Daniel start to cry. Daniel looked at his brother, while jerking the calculator towards his own car seat, and said, “I just want to fix it Wesley. Let me fix it for you!” between sobs of sadness. Finally, Wesley let Daniel have it, which was the exact moment that everything in the car went silent. A brief moment later, Daniel hands the calculator back, saying, “Here you go Wesley; I fixed it.” Wesley reaches over and takes the calculator and follows with a quick “Tank ewe Dandul.” Now, thanks to his brother, when Wesley pushed the buttons, there were numbers showing up on the screen. This new found goodness made Wesley giggle and smile.

When my ears stopped bleeding, I reflected upon this scene with the spiritual implications that it oozes with.

We hold on to so many things in our life, fighting with God for control. We think giving something over to Him puts us out, at a loss. Instead, He wants us to concede and let go of our grip. He doesn’t want us to let go so that he can mock us while He enjoys the benefits, nor does He want us to hand it to Him just so he can say He has it and not us. It is all His anyway. God’s desire is for us to hand it over so that He can fix it for us. He wants to help solve the issue, make things even better than we imagine, but He certainly can’t do that unless we relinquish control. In His hands, and His hands only, can it be made into something that works well.

I know I have let our my own fair share of blood curdling screams when something does not go my way. I have fought with all my might to keep something under my control and in my hands. All the while, my Heavenly Father is just waiting for me to let Him have it.

Man, oh man, how I need to just give it to my Lord, for when He touches it, I have, in the end, something that makes me giggle and smile.



6 thoughts on “The Calculator Story

  1. Very very true its amazing what kids can do to show us the light. This is a good thought for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I remember those days – I still hear some of those pitches still – just with words! Ugh! However, I love how you found God in the chaos! Isn’t it amazing how we know the answer, but we need wonderful posts like yours to remind and recalibrate!

    And thanks – I am recovering from my Spirit Cold, but today I was overcome with a real one! Yes – I am whining. But since I get “sick” so rarely, I deserve to! LOL

  3. I just wanted to log my FB comments here, for record keeping sake, in case I ever get the gumption to have my blog printed into a memory book:
    Jon R: That was awesome Summer, thanks for sharing this

    Jessica H: I love reading your stories! You find so much meaning in everyday life. I would have just found it annoying.:)

    Linda B: Thanks Summer, this was amazing! No wonder your family is used as an example!

    Lydia G: Beautiful, Summer…… So great to recognize God and His awesome love for us in everyday life. Great encouragement!!

    Honey D: So true. You have the best blog post

    Lindsay J: I LOVE IT!! We really decided to come back to God because of your post! Thank you for ministering to us! :) Your family is amazing, and has brought us back to they Lord, and I can’t thank you enough for that!!! I’ve re-read your blog post to my entire family/ we love it, and we’re looking for a home church! Can you help with that? LOVE YOU!!!!

    (and the above comment from Lindsay is why I write in blog world what God shows my heart)

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