Cuteness of Late

I just wanted to share some of the cuteness of late from my children. Granted, I think most things they do are cute, but on these I think you will agree with me.

Daniel, ever since his Grandpa Tom stayed the night with him while we were in NM, has been saying, “Wait! I have to go get my coffee” or “I am going to drink my coffee slowly.” Sunday, before heading out to church, he proclaimed that he needed his coffee before he could leave:

That same Sunday, after photographing Daniel, Wesley began hamming it up for the camera. He was laughing oh so hard every time we tried to take a picture he would scrunch up his nose and laugh:

Wednesday night at church, Daniel and his classmates colored pumpkins. When I came from my class to pick him up, he handed me his picture. I looked at his teachers and said “Did he color this?” They both responded with “Yes! Isn’t it great!” I totally couldn’t agree more. He truly is a bit of an obsessive first born, which is paying off in the form of perfect pumpkins from a 3 year old, eveidence to which resides on our fridge:

Finally, in our homeschooling preschooling day, we were studying Matthew 5:9, which states, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” I discussed with Daniel what it means to be a peacemaker, how he could be one with Wesley, and things of the like, while he colored a picture with the verse on the bottom. Later that day, while reinforcing our verse and the concept, I asked Daniel if he wanted to be a peacemaker, to which he replied, “No, I don’t want to be a peasmaker, I want to be popcorn for Trick-or-Treat.” Guess we still need to work on that one :O). And no, I am not hunting down or making a popcorn outfit for him to go trick-or-treating in for Halloween. Thomas said I should, but I quickly informed Thomas that earlier that day, Daniel said he wanted to be a window for trick-or-treating.

So, there you go, some recent cuteness for your reading and viewing enjoyment. I hope perhaps their loveliness has brightened your day.


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