Everything Matches

Today, while exploring some eclectic and bohemian stores, abounding with things that made my heart smile, I came to realize exactly how much I want to revamp my home because nearly all the interior of my house matches. I don’t want it to match, that is just how I default. I *love* the look of things I see in Better Homes and Gardens but I just can’t make it happen inside my home, mainly due budget and fear as hindrances. I am just afraid that I am going to get the look I like wrong, so I just settle for the safe way, getting what I know goes, hence the matchey-matchey-ness (how’s that for an English teacher!). Once the guy in the store asked me if I saw anything I liked, I resounded with a hearty “Yes!” but then informed him the cost of the item would most likely be less than the cost of shipping for me to get it back to my home. Upon letting him know how much I loved all the antique, chic, and natural items, he told me to begin with just a piece and build slowly into the full style I want. I do this already, having a few items that make my heart happy stuck here and there throughout my home. He also advised to break apart the matching pieces and split them through different rooms in my home so that I can still be pragmatic with my current items while migrating toward the taste I desire. I want to take him home with me! Looks like though that is not going to work, so I am going to have to make do myself, so that not everything matches!


2 thoughts on “Everything Matches

  1. Like any good English teacher – I love words used creatively!! I don’t “match” either – at least the way I should. I like to mix my pottery and my china – which drives some people absolutely nuts! I so agree with building one piece at a time, though. Be carefully, though. After about 27 years of doing that, you end up with a lot that you need to get rid of:)

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