Inquiring Minds

The blog has been quiet here recently. I know you are just achingly curious, as Daniel is above, to know what we’ve been up to around here. Inquiring minds want to know!

Ok, so you most likely have not thought twice about my gap in posts the past week and a half. BUT I am going to tell you what we’ve been up to anyway;

Thomas and I ran a 5k. This was Thomas’s first and I was extremely proud of him for setting a goal and making it happen. Although I have ran lots of races, I have not ran one in at least 10 years. It was nice for me to get back into the racing groove rather than just running for fun and sanity on my own. It was quite a large race, so I am even more impressed with Thomas running such a bit event as his first. I had to get use to chip timing, which makes racing a bit different. Example: I was the 12th female overall to finish. The two ladies directly above me to finish were 2 & 3 seconds ahead of me, yet I did not see a single female that close to me. I had actually just passed two females on my route to the finish. Turns out, the theory of crossing the finish line before someone else when you use chip timing does not mean that you beat them. Explanation: They began, for instance, 6 seconds after me at the start. Although I passed them, and it took 4 seconds more for them to cross the finish, they still had a time advantage of 2 3 seconds. Make sense? So, my old racing theory of waiting until the very end to kick and pass a few ladies does not apply so well in the modern racing days! I ran another 5k the following weekend, but it was smaller and there were no chips. I was the first female to cross at this race. I have a few more races, with larger mileage, coming up here soon, so I am glad I learned my chip racing theory when I did.

We celebrated some birthdays on Thomas’s side of the family. Both my sisters-in-law and my father-in-law have birthdays within a 3 week period, so we clumped them into one celebration. That made for lots of gifts to be opened. It was fun to sing “Happy Birthday” to three people at once :O)

We also had a little festival right up the street from our home, full of tractors, bounce houses, carnival games, and a fish fry. Daniel was able to climb inside a fire engine and that made his day. Daniel was super excited to see his friend, Carver, out the festival as well. Aren’t they just the cutest?

We’ve had company, my good friend and her husband, from out of state for three nights as well. The main purpose of their visit was not to see us, but we were glad to be able to give them a place to rest while they were here. We were able to catch up with them, and I was able to see her cute pregnant belly, so that was wonderful! (yeah I did not take one pic!)
Swinging, laughing, playing at parks and making a mess also occurred.

Plus, every day we are learning. Generally officially and often unofficially, for I am a firm believer that even simple play is major learning. Daniel can perfectly spell his name, all on his own, and he is a master at coloring. He can recognize patterns, draw shapes, and all sorts of other neat skills. He truly impresses me!

Add all of that to just living life– cooking meals, washing clothes, getting the yard mowed, among other things– and you have the happenings for a busy time.

So, if you were an inquiring mind, you know now!


3 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve been quite busy! I must say I am a little envious. I’d love to start running again! I just can’t seem to find the time to run or do any kind of exercise anymore. How do you fit it in?

    • Jordan: It’s called a double running stroller! Without it, I would almost never get to run. I am getting to where I will not be able to do it much longer, for they are getting just too heavy and soon it will be too cold. I do try to take time for long runs on Saturday mornings when I know Thomas can be home with them. I have a workout class at my church on Wednesday nights, so the kids have childcare for that time in their classes. It is hard though, for sure!

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