In The Animal Kingdom…

If you read our blog often, you know we frequent the library. While there a few weeks ago, we checked out this board book titled Babies on the Go. I just loved its theme and purpose. When you read it, you encounter all sorts of animals, seeing how they carry their young. Some on back, some in their mouths, some by the baby’s nape, and some even in pouches. The words even rhyme, so it is a fun read. When you get to the end, it shows human babies, displaying many of the methods by which they travel. Underneath the images are the final words “No matter how babies go, they always ride with love.” Sweet, isn’t it? True too, I would hope. Why is it then that we humans  have a judgment on how babies journey? There is certainly judgment in how mom’s/dad’s carry their children, and I am sure if you are a parent you might have heard it or seen it. I am currently thinking of the movie Away We Go.

Yeah, I figured not many of you have seen it, so here is the gist (side note: Jim from The Office and the SNL chick are not their typical TV selves. They are crass and the opening scene is a sexual one, so if you decide to watch it, be forewarned.):

It is just a stroller, right? But, we humans can’t let it be that simple. We have to make it more. Instead of just a mode of transportation moved with love, it is a way of pushing babies away.

I had a friend tell me, in a conversation about a car seat, most specifically the one with the infant carrier, that she and her husband are not “those kind of parents.” It seriously baffled me. And just what kind of parent is that exactly? One that perhaps values a sleeping baby? Or perhaps one that has the baby ride in more than one car out of necessity? I am just not sure.

Might you hear it now, in the animal kingdom, “Can you believe they are the kind of parents that carry their baby on their backs? Wow. There is seriously something wrong with them.” “Did you see that mom over there? She has her baby on her tail! So glad we are not that kind of parent. We use our mouths, which is a much better style of parenting. Yeah for us!”

It seems pretty silly doesn’t it. I doubt the kangaroo is saying such about the crocodile. The opossum cares not about the bat.

Why, then, do we? After all, we are suppose to be the more enlightened and reformed ones.

I don’t care if baby travels by mother’s heirloom Moses Basket or futuristic hovercraft stroller.

Count me into the league of no matter how babies go,

“babies always ride with love.”


One thought on “In The Animal Kingdom…

  1. i hate judgmental parents. people like to think that everything they do for their kids is perfect and right while all along their kid is the first in the group to become a juvenile delinquent. a stroller is not what prompts that.

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