On Wesley

It seems I need to tell you something about my little man: he is all too adorable and simply melts my heart ♥ ♥ (along with sometimes exhausting me!)

(love how you can see his two toned eye in the image above)

And if you are my friend on FB, you might have already seen this one, for it brought about some thoughts on baby wearing and some good laughs on cake eating, not to mention Wesley’s expression:


2 thoughts on “On Wesley

  1. Love these pics!! I’m not going to lie. I saw the one at the grocery store with chocolate all over and freaked out a little for you =) First thought.. I hope she gave that to him and wasn’t something he grabbed off a shelf. Second thought… Hope she has baby wipes to clean that up. Final thought… Wonder how long it’ll be before that’s Hudson doing that? =)

  2. Ashley: It was his first cookie, after he was a year old. He practically inhaled it! We almost never get them, the free kids’ cookie, at the grocery store, but this was a sanity saver cookie. I would have never gotten out of that store alive otherwise :O)

    Hudson will not be too far behind! Publix gives them :O)

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