Set Your DVR

In case I have not told you personally I wanted to let you know: My brother is going to be on ABC’s Show Dating in the Dark on Monday, the 30th of August, at 9PM CST! If you go to the link for the show above, he is currently on the “After Dark” commentary that plays automatically.  He is the first guy you see, named John, and if you know him at all, it will surprise you not that he asked a girl to leg wrestle! So, don’t miss it! Set your DVR or, if you are like us and you do not have one,  just make sure you are home to see this show! It is silly “reality” television, but it can certainly give you a good laugh. Plus, you will know someone on it, so what do you have to lose???? Exactly: nothing at all, my friend; nothing at all.

Had it been me to decide a reality show, I would sign up for Colonial House, which aired on PBS in 2004. My friend Eric from college convinced me to watch it with him and I was hooked. I wanted to be there too! We would get together and watch it, soaking up the show. I know it sounds crazy wanting to be back in colonial times, 1628 to be exact, but I have always wanted to try living and thriving in that time and place. Too bad it only aired for one season :o/. With that one out of commission, I would have to go with The Colony, which is currently airing on Discovery. My friend from college, Jonathan, introduced me to this one. I like the idea of trying to survive and thrive in extreme or unconventional situations, so this one again is up my alley.  Unlike Survivor (which I have never watched; it premiered when I was out of the country for a month, so when I returned everyone was watching it and I was out of the loop) there is no vote you off drama, which is nice.

How about you? In what “reality” show would you want to participate?


5 thoughts on “Set Your DVR

  1. Oh my goodness! I watched this show last night for the first time and found it quite intriguing! I felt like the people were truly conflicted and it caused a true reevaluation of their dating lives. I thought it was the least “dramatic” of all the reality shows I’ve ever watched! Can’t wait to watch him on it! As for me… I think you’d probably find me on something like this… not a lot of backstabbing or game playing can be done (at least between the same sex participants because no one knows what anyone else is doing on their dates. I’m terrible at playing games, so it would have to be something where that kind of thing is minimal.

  2. Summer, we don’t get local channels, but it looks like I will be able to view it online after it airs!

    Awhile back, my cousin Kelly was on the DIY network on a show called “Yard Crashers”.

    I’ve seen a couple episodes of the Colony but I’ve not seen many other reality shows.

  3. Back in 2002, PBS had a series on called “Frontier House”. It followed 3 families as they experienced life as it would have been in the Montana Territory in 1883. I think I would have enjoyed doing that — though I know it would have been very hard.

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